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Ukraine is in a terrible position - Blocking of US aid by Republicans tilts victory for Putin

The Democratic-Republican rivalry in the US, which is going through a pre-election period, has a serious impact on the war in Ukraine, since due to a lack of funding, the Ukrainians cannot repair - maintain the weapons given to them by them, while they are running out of weapons systems - in and mainly ammunition.

In a recent article we pointed out that the next few days are very critical, since if Putin orders a large-scale attack, there is a huge risk of the front collapsing and the defeat of the Ukrainians.

Although the Republicans in the USA understand this point of view and consent to the Congress for immediate approval to send aid to the Ukrainians, however, the same does not happen in the House of Representatives, which blocks the process

Convening Democratic-Republicans in Congress

The Senate's $95 billion package includes funding for Israel's military and for Taiwan, but the lion's share -- $60 billion -- would help Ukraine resupply itself with ammunition, weapons .

The bill easily passed the Senate after several Republicans decried Trump's behind-the-scenes maneuvering.

In fact, Senate Democrats had already worked with Republicans to craft a joint bill that provided foreign aid while imposing the toughest new US border security measures in decades.

STOP Aid to Ukraine by the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives


However, in an op-ed we addressed Republicans' reluctance to back down, stating:

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson made it clear that the Foreign Assistance Bill is silent on the most pressing issue facing our country, referring to the immigration crisis at the US/Mexico border.


A reputable French International Media reports on the matter, pointing out:

"US House Speaker Johnson blocks Senate vote on Ukraine aid.

The Republican leader of the US House of Representatives on Tuesday blocked war aid for Ukraine, ignoring President Joe Biden's plea that passage of the bill was vital for Kiev to stand up to "Russian dictator" Vladimir Putin.

Speaker Mike Johnson, who is working closely with Biden's potential opponent in the November election, Donald Trump, told reporters he has no intention of even allowing the bill to pass.

"I certainly don't," he said.

At the White House, Biden said helping US allies -- and particularly helping Ukraine as it struggles to fend off a two-year Russian invasion -- is a fundamental responsibility.

"History is watching," Biden said, repeating the phrase five times in televised comments. "Supporting this bill resists Putin. Opposing it strengthens Putin," the Democratic president added

Biden also criticized Trump after the former president encouraged Russia to attack NATO members who failed to meet their economic commitments.

"For God's sake, it's stupid. It's shameful. It's dangerous. It's un-American," Biden said, saying the twice-impeached Trump viewed the Western military alliance as a "protection racket."

"No other president in our history has ever bowed to a Russian dictator."

Victory is leaning towards Russia

From the above it is clear that the war-weary Ukraine is now helpless from the USA and to a lesser extent from the EU, as a result of which it is cooling down.

Unless $60 billion in US aid to Ukraine is immediately released and Putin orders a large-scale attack, which we estimate will occur around February 24, for symbolic reasons, there is a huge risk that the front will collapse and the Ukrainians will be defeated.

Everything is now on a razor's edge for Ukraine.



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