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The German Christian Democrats insist: Only this weapon can save Ukraine

The leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU) and Prime Minister of Bavaria, Markus Soeder, urged the Berlin government to arm Ukraine with German-made Taurus cruise missiles.


The Weapon That Will Give the Ukrainians an Advantage?

More specifically, and based on foreign publications, including a new article in the EurAsian Times, just before the start of the meeting of party leaders in Bavaria, Schender said that the delivery of German Taurus missiles to Ukraine would allow Kiev to "intercept constant attacks by Russian drones and missiles".

According to the Bavarian politician, this is "the only serious opportunity the country has to gain courage and not let the Russians win."

He said that if Russia marches on and if the US moves further away from this international crisis, then Germany and the European Union will face "a real security problem".

Earlier, retired German army colonel Roderich Kiesewette of the German Christian Democratic Union party also advised the German government to send Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

"Ukraine's partners now have to take a risk and provide the country with what it can use as multidisciplinary types of various weapons within the permissible limits of international law," the German said, while stressing Kiev's need in the field of long-range strike capabilities.

We would remind you, however, that in October 2023, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had stated that Germany needed to avoid escalation, which is why he refused to transfer long-range Taurus missiles to Kiev.


Moscow had sent a warning to NATO countries about arms supplies to Ukraine. In particular, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had stated that any shipment consisting of weapons destined for Ukraine was a legitimate target for the Russian military.

With regard to the Taurus KEPD 350 missile, we would like to inform you that it is a German and Swedish-designed air-to-ground cruise missile with a range of more than 500 kilometres. These weapons are considered to be particularly powerful, as they can take out heavily armoured targets with great accuracy.

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