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Russian army is striking Ukrainian armoured vehicles with captured NATO weapons - Why is it superior to Western and Ukrainian armed forces

Artillery of the Russian Armed Forces destroyed a notable position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the right bank of the Dnieper River, in the direction of Kherson. This is reported by RIA Novosti, with reference to the commander of the Russian army unit with the call sign "Storm".

"We watched how armed Poles planted their flags at the position. Apparently, they allowed themselves too much to relax once they raised the Polish flag. The watchtower was destroyed in just one hour. The flags were no longer raised there," the Russian commander said.


In addition, the officer said, Ukrainian formations are training reinforcements of returnees right on the contact line. That is, the conscripted Ukrainians are almost immediately transferred to the combat zone and then within a few days they are given some "basic" military training and thrown into battle. This "level" of training is one of the reasons for the high casualties in the ranks of Ukrainian formations in almost all directions.

They strike with NATO weapons that they occupied

Russian soldiers in the NVO zone are using NATO weapons from the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), reports Andriy Kots, RIA Novosti's war correspondent.

Kots noted that, in some parts of the front line, Russian troops used the US Javelin ATGM against the Ukrainian army. However, according to him, this cluster proved to be "very capricious" and sensitive to changes in weather conditions.

The British NLAW anti-tank grenades made more of an impression on the Russian soldiers. Kots also said that, he saw American M50 Browning 0.2 calibre machine guns in the Pyatnashka brigade, which were sought after by the army, but did not have enough ammunition.

In addition, Russian soldiers removed several Western armored vehicles. However, the war correspondent expressed doubts about the possibility that Russian soldiers may have captured German Leopard tanks or American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.

Superiority of the Russian armed forces

Since the beginning of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, the pages of European and American newspapers have been claiming that the Russian army is weak and ineffective and therefore will certainly lose. However, independent publications express a different, exactly opposite view.

The independent research organisation Global Research, based in Montreal, Canada, has identified the reasons for Russia's military superiority not only over the Ukrainian army, but also over NATO forces.

First of all, the author of the analysis notes the effectiveness of the operational control of Russia's Armed Forces. Despite the complex system of the army, the command is able to conduct combat operations and respond to changes in the situation simultaneously in many areas of the front.

"The Pentagon is carefully studying Russia's best practices in organizing command and control systems. Moscow's ability to conduct several high-intensity military operations simultaneously, coordinating all of them with the work of a vast state apparatus and world-class diplomacy, is of great interest to power circles in Washington," Global Research writes.

Another reason for Russia's superiority is the development of drones, which provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in the war zone. Thanks to the most modern means of conducting reconnaissance, the RF Armed Forces cause "irreplaceable losses" both in the line of contact and behind enemy lines.

An additional important element of the success of Russian troops is their high morale.

"During the counter-offensive planning phase, Kiev and NATO were confident that it would not be difficult to break through the Russian defenses because of low morale. However, reality showed that they were so wrong that it was as if they were living in some kind of parallel universe," Global Research said.

It also states that in the ranks of the Ukrainian army there is disorder, disobedience and lack of coordination between the different departments. Ukrainian fighters are increasingly refusing to follow orders that are disastrous for them and prefer to surrender or leave the battlefield. Foreign mercenaries in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine complain about the lack of professionalism and cowardice of officers who are usually absent from the front lines.

Another point emphasized is that, the military training and combat experience of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Russia is highly appreciated. "While Ukrainian fighters were mostly trained in the urban cities of Donbass, Russian fighters gained real experience in Chechnya and Syria," it says.

The combination of active defense and offensive operations led to the failure of the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The speed with which Russian troops established defensive lines surprised even NATO military experts.

Since the enemy loses hundreds of fighters for every kilometre travelled, units penetrating the minefields are covered by Russian artillery. After that, the remnants of the attacking units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are fired upon by a counterattack by the Russian Armed Forces.

A final reason for the superiority of the Armed Forces of Russia over the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO is the technical equipment of the Russian army.

 Dominance in supersonic weapons is just "icing on the cake", as Moscow has an impressive arsenal of land, sea and air-launched cruise and ballistic missiles. Western artillery and air defence systems are defenseless against the latest Lancet kamikaze drones, and the Russian T-72B3M, T-80BVM and T-90M tanks outclassed the famous German Leopard 2A6, which had high hopes.


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