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Ukrainian Leopard 2 training has begun in Germany - Where and when they will attack

According to a Ukrainian media article, the training of the Ukrainian army to operate Leopard 2 tanks began in Germany, stating:

"The Ukrainian army on Monday, February 13, began training in handling Leopard 2 tanks in Germany.

Training will take place primarily at the tank troop school in Münster, Lower Saxony. It should be completed by the end of the first quarter in order to synchronize military training with the transfer of tanks, a German defense ministry spokesman said.

The number of military personnel Germany plans to train to operate Leopard 2 tanks has not been disclosed.

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov announced the start of training for Ukrainian crews at a press conference in Kyiv.

We continue to discuss with our partners and soon there will be a decision on spare parts for the Leopard, their repair, maintenance, etc.,” added Reznikov.

Earlier it became known that Ukraine needs from 500 to 700 tanks to liberate all the territories.

This was stated by a member of the National Security, Defense and Intelligence Committee, Fedor Venislavsky, in an interview with Bild.

According to Venislavsky, those tanks promised by the West, a maximum of 143 units, will not be enough for the complete liberation of the territories under Russian control.

As Strana wrote, on February 9, Ukrainian military personnel arrived in Belgium to learn how to control underwater drones.

This was announced on Twitter by the Minister of Defense of Belgium Ludivine Dedonder.

"Today we welcome Ukrainian soldiers to Belgium as part of the EUMAM mission (European Union Military Assistance Mission Ukraine - Ed. ). They will be trained in underwater systems provided by Belgium to Ukraine. I expressed my deep support to them and applauded their courage almost a year of war," the official wrote.

We also wrote that Ukrainian army personnel came to the UK for training in the use of the AS90 armored self-propelled artillery. The AS90 is an armored self-propelled gun that the UK has pledged to donate to Ukraine as part of another aid package.

And at the beginning of the year, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that more than 20,000 military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are being trained abroad. The training of Ukrainian military personnel is carried out in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, as well as by American forces in Germany."



In a recent article we referred to the imminent formation of 8 new Brigades (Motorized-Armored) of the Ukrainian army with a total strength of approximately 20,000 men, with western tanks-TOMP-TOMA and self-propelled guns, with the most likely purpose of conducting a major offensive in the Kherson-Crimea direction, with the aim of releasing the latter.

We estimate that this will take place from the end of March to April 15 at the latest.

However, the fact of the multiplicity of the above weapon systems and means, the recent rapid training of the Ukrainian crews in them and the fact of their maintenance and repair problems, we expect to result in their relatively reduced performance on the battlefield.

However, since the Russians have realized that Crimea is essentially the only area where the Ukrainian army can carry out large-scale offensive action, they have proceeded to create successive lines of defense with permanent and semi-permanent works, which will have the effect of impeding a ground attack. of Ukrainians from the direction of Kherson.

Our assessment is that only in the case of a double action, amphibious and land by the Ukrainians, there is a case of recording some of their victories at a limited local level, however, which will not have the potential to lead to the liberation of Crimea.


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