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The Union of Police Officers of the Hellenic Police Force revealed a system that "allows" the presence of criminal immigrants in Greece (Video)

The Hamas-style attack on an Irish School immediately saw patrols of Irish citizens attacking migrant camps while police consider it a possible terrorist act, turning a peaceful country like Ireland upside down.

Around 200 Irish nationalists according to local police have vandalised hotels housing illegal immigrants in Dublin, following a knife attack on children by an Algerian man.

The police in Ireland regard the Algerian's attack on children as a possible act of terrorism, although this does not, of course, justify any action.

In essence, what we have is an attack by an Islamic 'wolf' within Europe on the indigenous inhabitants, with the aim of causing fear and ghettoising areas within cities in Europe.

How many more 'wolves' are there in Europe within its cities and how many are walking around unmolested for lack of evidence?

But these 'orphan' attacks of the 'Hamas' type in the heart of European cities are probably part of a well-planned plan to de-Christianise societies, with the aim of 'invading' a new mentality that we have hitherto encountered in cities such as Beirut, Islamabad, Tripoli in Libya, etc.

More and more incidents of violence on Greek soil

At the same time in our country we have an increase in strange incidents after a foreigner shouted in the subway that he would kill everyone, recently.

Two people were injured by gunshots that occurred last night in the square depths, while In particular, according to the police, two men from Algeria, who sustained gunshot wounds, were taken by familiar means last night at 9:00 to the Red Cross Hospital, where they are being treated out of danger.

According to what the two men claimed to the police, as they were walking in Vathis Square, an unknown person shot them from a balcony.

The day before yesterday we had the arrest of a 37-year-old Palestinian man who was masturbating in a restaurant in Kifissia.

On Tuesday night, November 21, the Police, following a complaint, proceeded to arrest the 37-year-old Palestinian who was masturbating in a restaurant in Kifissia.

Nine foreigners were arrested after a fight between immigrants in the village of Piperitsa in the municipality of Messini on Wednesday, according to the newspaper THARROS.

"The fight started over personal disputes between young and old farm workers who were staying in common accommodation provided by their employer, on whose farms they were working.

They are eight people from South Africa and one Pakistani who were legally in Greece.

The nine are accused of damaging foreign property, for damage to the house they were staying in, while the Pakistani is also accused of violating the law on weapons and dangerous bodily harm.

In Kos and Rhodes and in other structures we have very frequent incidents of foreigners demanding to be transferred to Athens, while delinquency is increasing geometrically, despite strong policing.

The serious thing, however, is the announcement by the Union of Greek Police Officers of Attica:


According to Law 4619/2019 from 11-06- 2019 article 182 of the Penal Code "Violation of residence restrictions" was abolished.
 In paragraph (1) it read :

"Any person who violates the restrictions lawfully imposed on the freedom of residence and the related obligations shall be punished with imprisonment of up to six months".

     Why was it repealed and not reinstated?

     Why, today, are there fellow citizens who have been subjected to restrictive conditions once and twice and three and four times?

     Why is it that when a person does not have a verified permanent residence and declares any residence he or she wants, he or she is released with restrictive conditions?

     Why is it that repeat foreign criminals are subjected to restrictive conditions, with the result that the police cannot deport them for reasons of public safety and order?

      Is this not the way in which delinquent and illegal immigrants legitimise their stay in our country and continue their criminal activities?

     Did the police not act swiftly to identify and arrest the perpetrator of the attempted rapes against women in Exarchia?

Can the constant critics of the Police answer the above questions?

      It is imperative to amend the current laws which are an obstacle to our collective effort to fight crime.

     It is essential that the Police Departments and Security Departments be substantially strengthened.

      As the Union of Greek Police Officers of Attica we stress, once again, that the Greek Police and the Greek Police Officer cannot be permanently the scapegoat. Today, the Commander of the Station of Oropos, tomorrow who?

      We continue our struggle to have better working days and to have security for everyone, security everywhere.
                           For the Board
       The President                   The C. Secretary
Kanellos NIKOLAOU.        Evangelos MANTZIOROS

The situation is complex and the danger is constantly multiplying, the day before yesterday it was Sweden, before that France, Austria, yesterday Dublin, tomorrow who knows.

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