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Ukraine's gratitude! "Thank you Greece" for sending weapons and training Ukrainian pilots in F-16 (video)

Ukraine's Ministry of Defence in a post on X thanks Greece for providing armour, ammunition and training to the F-16s.

In the post, the Ukrainian MoD states:

"Two years ago, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. We are grateful to every country, leader and person who stood - and continues to stand - on the side of Ukraine. We will win," the message reads.

The video below the post records the provision of armor, ammunition (155mm guns are shown), and images of F-16s.


In the post, the Ukrainian ministry has "flagged" the official account of the Greek Ministry of National Defence, as well as the account of Minister Nikos Dendias.



As we had informed you in a related article, Kyriakos Velopoulos himself personally made complaints, saying, among other things, that "trucks with Ukrainian plates are in our country to receive ammunition from the Greek army", resulting in the emptying of our stocks.

"Trucks with Ukrainian plates are 'emptying' the ammunition depots in Kehries? Over 17 trucks in one day? Trucks, large capacity, with Ukrainian plates are taking material from there.

On Monday, 15 January alone, there were more than 17 trucks with Ukrainian plates, starting the transport from morning until midday; the transport continued, according to testimonies, in the following days as well.

The US has purchased 50,000 105 mm calibre missiles, 20,000 155 mm calibre missiles and 5,000 larger 203 mm calibre missiles in an attempt to replenish Ukrainian stockpiles while negotiations are in their final phase.

The total price negotiated by the Greek side is $47 million.

Συνέντευξη Υπουργού Εθνικής Άμυνας Νίκου Δένδια στην εκπομπή του Νίκου Χατζηνικολάου ( Real Fm )

N.HATZINIKOLAOU: I want your comment.

N. DENDIAS: "The United States has repeatedly asked Greece for surplus ammunition to be given to Ukraine. This is not something that we do not know and is not widely known.

And on the other hand, and I want to be honest with you on this, ammunition that is going to expire in the foreseeable future, so it means that we will have to replace it anyway at some point and it may be sold, is a very big gain for the Greek Armed Forces because we need something like that.

It is useful things that we either have a surplus or will expire and so we will have to replace them, so we can sell them and use the money to buy something else.
I don't want to get into, because there is an element of confidentiality, specific numbers, but I can assure you that because we have a 'sea' of needs and it is very, very useful the tens of millions that we can get from certain things."


We recall that the relatively recent communication between Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Anthony Blinken concerned the latter's plea for more ammunition and weapons to the Ukrainian forces.

The war in Ukraine has proved to be particularly costly in terms of blood, money and ammunition, as no one had predicted that it would be so long.

As a result, the ammunition stock of the US and other Western states will be greatly reduced, which will have the effect of limiting the servicing of demands that may come from another war front.




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