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Russian Tu-142 spy planes with a range of 5,000 km will scour the Northern Sea Route for NATO submarines

According to reports, Russia plans to deploy Tu-142 long-range anti-submarine aircraft for reconnaissance purposes in the Northern Sea Route to detect enemy nuclear submarines.


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More specifically, sources within the Russian Ministry of Defense told the Izvestia agency that Tu-142 aircraft of the Russian Northern Fleet are expected to participate in these operations. The decision to deploy Tu-142 aircraft for reconnaissance is in line with Moscow's strategic approach to the Arctic, an approach focused on defending Russian national interests in the region.

Known for their extended range in the air, these aircraft are capable of effectively patrolling the Northern Sea Route without requiring frequent refueling landings. To give you an idea, a Tu-142 aircraft demonstrates a flight range of over 5,000 kilometers.

This truly impressive range allows the Russian-made aircraft to undertake long-range or long-duration missions, making it an ideal choice for patrols aimed at detecting enemy submarines.

Russian expert Igor Malikov stated that aerial reconnaissance plays a decisive role in the protection of coastal areas. The Russian also emphasized that Tu-142 aircraft are particularly flexible platforms, since they can detect various types of naval elements, such as submarines.

He went on to say that today there is a need in Russia for new bases and other infrastructure in the Arctic region, bases which will be used by the Russian armed forces to deal with possible threats from states hostile to Moscow that may try to gain access to the Strait in the future of the North Sea.


The Northern Sea Route is a trade route of approximately 5,600 kilometers in Arctic waters. Part of it is within the Russian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), while it should be emphasized that it is something similar to the Canadian Northwest Passage.

In addition to reconnaissance missions, the Russian Tu-142s could prove particularly useful in military and civilian emergencies arising in the Northern Sea Route. Let us inform you that this is one of the most dangerous trade routes in the world.

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