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Russian interference to the GPS signal from the Baltic to Cyprus is causing serious concern in Eastern Europe

According to, "interference is occurring to the GPS signal in Cyprus.

Speaking on Radio Proto's Midday Magazino programme, the Director of the Flight Safety Service, Harris Antoniadis, noted that the interference mainly affects Eastern Europe and areas adjacent to war zones, including Cyprus.

Antoniades said that not only military but also commercial flights are affected by the interference, with the problem focusing on two pillars: a) the blocking of aircraft from connecting to GPS satellites and b) misinformation, i.e. the display, possibly deliberately, of incorrect information about the position or speed of an aircraft.

We are talking about the areas affected ( Israel, Syria, the Baltic and Azerbaijan)".

The Russians are definitely behind all this  

Significant GPS jamming around Kaliningrad is affecting aircraft over Poland, Lithuania, Latvia & the Baltic Sea.

The use of electronic warfare, intelligence and jamming capabilities is an important aspect of the military developments arising from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Russia is widely known to have one of the most technologically capable armies on the planet. They have advanced intelligence, information warfare, cyber warfare and electronic warfare capabilities.

Russia has used these technologies in recent years in battles in Syria and in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, and is using them in its current invasion of Ukraine.

The terms "intelligence," "information," "cyberspace," and "electronic" suggest distinct but overlapping fields. A professor of cybersecurity practice, Justin Pelletier, explains what they are and how Russia is using them in Ukraine.

The role of intelligence is to gain an insight into the enemy's activity. The role of intelligence is to blind the enemy or distort his information. Automation in intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance - key functions of intelligence in war - has become a common practice for modern armies.

Russia has reportedly moved faster in integrating AI into intelligence systems than the US expected. It is impossible to know what information Russia has collected, but its access to OSINT, spy satellites, agencies in Ukraine, powerful computers, and experienced analysts makes it likely that Russia has extensive information on the military and political situation in Ukraine.

Electronic warfare describes attempts to disrupt or misdirect enemy electronic systems, such as radar and communications networks. It can include jamming radio signals, remotely destroying computer circuits, and spoofing GPS signals to disrupt navigation.

Russia has a long history of controlling the electromagnetic spectrum. Because of Russia's advanced electronic warfare capabilities, its force may be able to take down the Internet and cell towers using a variety of techniques.

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