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Cut off their supply of the TAP pipeline-Aliev recognizes the Pseudo-state in Cyprus, insulting Hellenism

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, whose army is guilty of war crimes in Nagorno-Karabakh, has blocked the Lachin corridor to starve thousands of Armenians, now officially declares that his country is effectively recognising the flag of the Pseudo-state, insulting Hellenism in Greece and Cyprus.

At the same time, the TAP gas pipeline of this lifelong Azeri president is passing through Greek territory and transporting natural gas to civilised Europe.

We do not understand why we as a country have an energy agreement and a gas supply with a country that is not just an ally of the Turks, but the right hand of Ankara, which is killing Armenians, insulting Hellenism and the entire civilized world.  

There is natural gas south of Crete, in the Ionian Sea, in the Cypriot and Israeli EEZ, and so we do not understand why the Azeri pipeline from Greek territory should remain active?
The Azeris are open enemies of both Greece and Cyprus, and in case of a Greek-Turkish war they will fight side by side with the Turks, and we will get Azeri gas?
What is being prepared at the 2nd Meeting of Ministers in charge of Disaster and Emergency Management of the Organization of Turkish States
This session is preparing the ground for a loose union of all Turkic-speaking states, led by Turkey of course.

This process will have many stages, cultural union, economic union, political union and finally a military alliance against all.    

Aliyev told the Turkish Cypriot representative at that session: "the flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus must and will always fly in Azerbaijan. We will stand next to each other on the right path."

He gave the message "We will support each other on the right path."

"The Turkish world is one big family," Aliyev said while stressing that the Heads of State Meeting (TDT) will be held two months later and that the agreement on cooperation in disaster management is expected to be signed at this meeting."

Pointing out that the Turkish world is one big family, Aliyev said: "Today, the Organization of Turkic States has managed to take its rightful place on the global scale, but from now on we must work effectively to expand our potential influence even further. Here, of course, both mutual assistance and the strengthening of economic relations, continuous coordination and consultations at the political level, mutual assistance in the field of security."

The key word here from Aliyev is "security", i.e. military cooperation and information exchange between the Turkish-speaking countries.

The vision of the Turkish-Mongols is to dominate as a loose NATO-type association in the future, blackmailing and demanding influence and power on the planet, and this means a lot to Ankara's target countries, such as Greece, Cyprus and later Russia.

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