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The Kurds blindsided the Turkish commandos-New footage from an operation that caused the death of 61 Turkish soldiers (Video)

Next Sunday, Gerîla TV will broadcast the full video of a terrible Kurdish operation called “Helmet” conducted in Northern Iraq (Zap area against the Kurds) which resulted in the death of at least 61 Turkish army soldiers.

Today, the Gerîla TV channel released a small part of the scenes and stated that the entire scenes of the Kurdish operation will be broadcast on February 11 on the Gerîla TV channel and the Telegram channel.

Dressed as mountain commandos with all the necessary weapons and ammunition, Kurdish ghosts in the thick fog and snow, completely surprised the Turks, who had no guard in their small camp, while the operation probably took place early in the morning, catching the Turks in the sleep.

The result is dozens of dead Turkish commandos, who forced the political and military leadership of Ankara to hold an emergency meeting, faced with the weight of the losses.

What's even worse for the Turks is that the Kurk mountain commandos, as it was clearly seen in the video, were very well trained for this type of operations, wreaking havoc on the Turkish army, at the same time demoralizing its forces in Northern Iraq and Syria.


Kurdish conference in Britain shakes Turkey

The Kurdish People's Democratic Assembly of Britain will hold its 3rd Annual Kurdish Conference at SOAS University on February 15, the 25th anniversary of the handover of Kurdish Leader Abdullah Ocalan to Turkey by an international conspiracy.

The full-day conference will consist of three sessions titled “The Reality of the Middle East Crisis? Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and general regional assessments', Building social peace on the path to women's freedom', and a solution to the Kurdish question'.

The conference will host a wide range of participants, including former and current MPs, even from the House of Lords.

Agit Amara, a member of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference and Foreign Affairs representative of the Kurdish People's Democratic Assembly of Britain, said that "this year's conference will be held as part of the campaign 'Freedom for Öcalan and a political solution to Kurdish issue" launched by the friends of the Kurdish people worldwide on October 10, 2023".

Speaking, he stated that the preparations for the conference that will bring together important personalities have been completed.

He stressed: “We are going through a third world war and the war environments in the Middle East and Europe have created economic, ecological and political systemic crises. In fact, we draw attention to the fact that the way out of all chaos and crisis goes through the ideas of the leader Apo (Ocalan).

In this regard, we will discuss the region and emerging crises, talking about the Middle East, namely Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey, in the first part of the conference.

Then we will discuss the women's struggle under the slogan 'Jin, Jiyan, Azadi' (Woman, Life, Freedom) on the axis of peace."

The Kurds are preparing a state, which will become a reality due to international pressure now, and Ankara is well aware of this, and is taking and will take its measures inside Syria and Iraq.

The question is what will the international community do about the Turkish plans?

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