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How the Turks fanaticize their young children against the US/Israel while at the same time selling thermonuclear weapons to the Israeli Army

Erdogan is fanning the youth and this is what we will find in front of us while he is playing trade with Israel

Stories of untold madness and distinguished psychopathy for profit . Turkey which condemns Zionist Israel for the war in Gaza, sells isothermal underwear to the Israeli army but otherwise cries out against American stores in the country.

What is worse is that at the same time young children are being fanatical against the US and Israel.

Shocking scenes from an Islamist "youth centre" (a kind of religious school) in Turkey.

Children are taught jihad, conquest and hatred of Israel.

A Turkish youth says: "Jerusalem is not a city. Jerusalem is religion, faith, cause, passion and jihad." Then other children join in shouting, "Down with Israel!"

These are breeding grounds for Islamic Jihad and extreme Muslims who will fight major wars in the years to come.

Does no one in the West see this or are they asleep from the expert analyses of Turkey as an ally?

Turkish media: 'The US desperately needs us in the Middle East'

The Turks have a big very big idea for their country, putting it in the place of the erstwhile Ottoman Empire especially in the Middle East.

A Turkish newspaper reported, reflecting of course Ankara's view, that, "In fact, the US needs Turkey just as much.

The Turkish army is the second NATO power. Without Turkey, the Americans will have an even harder time in the Middle East, because the Arab countries have turned away from them because of the events in Gaza both now and in recent years.

Moreover, Turkey itself is strong enough to stop this Israeli attack.

The Turkish military-industrial complex is already almost 80 percent self-sufficient in defense products.

Ankara is integrating into the BRICS and the SCO, building ties with its neighbours and becoming more self-reliant and independent.

It no longer makes sense to overthrow Erdogan, as the US tried to do in 2016.

Moreover, Turkish officials have weapons against the West, such as Syrian migrants and control of the Bosphorus through which NATO ships pass.

Therefore, it seems unlikely that the US will hold the reins by putting pressure on the Erdogan government.

Besides, if Washington goes all the way, it risks losing Ankara forever.

Turkey could at least withdraw from NATO, which would deal a major blow to the unity and future of the alliance at a time when it is losing the geopolitical conflict against Russia."

"Turkey has a different position in the world than the EU countries and Russia is its closest neighbour," the Turkish expert states, thus revealing why the Erdogan regime uses this inflammatory rhetoric against the US and the EU at times.

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