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Americans know what is coming with Turkey-Iran-British media: the US military is secretly supplying Israel with weapons through Cyprus

The Turks just found out days ago, (because they did), the exact forces and personnel of the US and Britain on the island of Cyprus, and the first thing they did was to get their fleet close to Northern Cyprus.


Ankara is aware that the US Pentagon is already expanding its presence in Cyprus with a special installation near the base of Akrotiri, while a British media reveals that a special surveillance unit is on the island, targeting the Middle East and Turkey of course.   

At the same time Erdogan is threatening Israel over operations in Gaza that have claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people in an attempt to do everything possible to get Turkish soldiers to set foot in it.

The scene is explosive, with Iran lurking around the corner as Syria and Iraq have become the 'playing field' for a conflict along with the Eastern Mediterranean.  

Why did the US transfer weapons to Cyprus and what do they expect in the region?    

A British website reveals that "the US is transporting weapons to Israel from across Europe using Britain's massive airbase in Cyprus, but the US Defense Department refuses to release classified information about these flights."

The British base in Cyprus has become an international military hub supporting Israel's bombing campaign in Gaza

The US Air Force flies critical weapons for Israel from its huge bases in Germany, Turkey and Spain to the UK base in Cyprus."

The prestigious Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that over 40 US transport aircraft, 20 British transport aircraft and seven heavy transport helicopters have flown to the RAF base at Akrotiri in Cyprus, carrying equipment, weapons and forces.

Akrotiri has long been the staging post for British military operations and bombing campaigns in the Middle East. It is located 180 miles from Tel Aviv with a flight time of 40 minutes.
About half of the US flights are said to "provide military assistance".

The same British website reports that these US weapons and classified equipment are probably delivered to Israel from US bases in Turkey, Spain and Germany.

We have continuous flights of C-17A Globemaster transport aircraft, which can carry 134 personnel and many types of military equipment, including Abrams tanks and Black Hawk helicopters.

The US transport aircraft land at Nevatim Air Base, located in southern Israel near the Negev desert, Haaretz also reported.

Επιπλέον, τα αμερικανικά αεροσκάφη που προσγειώθηκαν στο αεροδρόμιο Μπεν Γκουριόν στο Τελ Αβίβ μετέφεραν, μεταξύ άλλων, τεθωρακισμένα οχήματα.

A spokesperson for the UK's Department for International Development declined to disclose the information, telling Declassified: "In response to the situation in Israel and Gaza, we are working with international partners to de-escalate the conflict, enhance stability and support humanitarian efforts in the region. Any use of UK bases will be consistent with these objectives."

"It is believed that the UK government is aware of what is on the US aircraft, a spokesman for the UK Foreign Office recently told parliament: "UK authorisation will be required for any [US] operations involving the use of the Sovereign Base Areas" in Cyprus.

The declassified document recently revealed that 33 UK military transport aircraft have flown from the Cape to Tel Aviv since October 11, including every day for two weeks.

The British Foreign Office has issued a "Type D Notice", which is a request to the media not to publish information that could harm "national security", aimed at preventing the British press from reporting on the SAS role in Gaza.

The nature of the US military and intelligence presence in Cyprus is shrouded in secrecy.

The British government has prevented MPs from asking any questions about activity at RAF Akrotiri, its massive air base in Cyprus, Declassified can reveal.

Blocking all parliamentary questions from MPs is a highly unusual move. Government departments usually refuse to answer specific questions about military operations on "national security" grounds, but the blocking of all questions by elected MPs goes far beyond the usual level of government secrecy.

The British website revealed that the RAF has carried out more than 30 military transport flights to Tel Aviv since Israel began bombing Gaza. The Ministry of Defence declined to give any details of the cargo or personnel on the flights.

Britain has two "Sovereign Base Areas" in Cyprus, Dhekelia in the east of the island and Akrotiri in the west, which are large, top-secret military and intelligence installations that make up 3% of the island's land area.

The USAF has had a base on British soil in Cyprus for almost half a century, but its size has long been kept secret from the public on both sides of the Atlantic.

Reports say the US is expanding its deployment at Akrotiri and is building a new 147-room facility on 1.5 acres of land to house its personnel.

A British website has also revealed that a US spy force, the 1st Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron (ERS), has been permanently deployed to the British base despite the Pentagon claiming to have only one airman in Cyprus.

This squadron is the oldest flying unit in the US Army and is responsible for training all intelligence and reconnaissance crews at high altitude for the U-2 spy plane, originally operated by the CIA.

The ERS, which is based at Beale Air Force Base in California, also conducts 2,400 hours of "combat support" missions annually with the RQ-4 Global Hawk, a surveillance drone manufactured by US weapons company Northrop Grumman. So far no evidence has emerged that the squadron, based 230 miles from Gaza, is providing intelligence or combat support to assist Israeli military operations.

It is therefore a legitimate question. Are all these weapons systems being provided by the US for Hamas and Hezbollah, or are they for possible Israeli infighting with Iran and Turkey?

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