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How likely is a "Great War"? - NATO-Russia-China warn and are preparing

Amid the war in Ukraine, already high tensions between Russia and NATO have escalated in recent weeks after the military alliance announced the start of its biggest military exercise in 35 years.

NATO's "Steadfast Defender 2024" exercise

The exercise, called Steadfast Defender 2024, which began in late January, will last until the end of May and will involve 90,000 troops from 31 NATO allies and Sweden.


NATO officials said the exercise would test the alliance's ability to rapidly deploy its forces and test new defense designs. Outside analysts believe the aim of the exercise is to prepare Alliance members for a possible Russian invasion of NATO territory.

The above is pointed out by International Media which then states:

"Russia was not specifically mentioned in the military alliance's announcement of the exercise, although according to documents seen by Reuters, it is considered the biggest security threat to member countries.

One of the main objectives of the exercise will be "to demonstrate NATO's ability to rapidly deploy forces from North America and other parts of the Alliance to strengthen Europe's defense capability."

Chinese highlights for World War

Three countries are preparing, while the worst case scenario is possible.

China's nationalist English-language Global Times, which often publishes Chinese Communist Party propaganda, published an article on Sunday titled "NATO Pushes Russia-Ukraine Conflict Towards World War" and reported on the recent visit of the NATO Secretary General to United States during which he spoke about the readiness of the NATO alliance and investments in defense.

"It is clear that this is not just about seeking funding. This is clearly about public preparation for the expansion of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict into a global war," the Global Times article states.

Jens Stoltenberg, in a speech Thursday in Tampa, Florida, warned of the difficulties of the war in Ukraine and said NATO was making the biggest adjustment of the alliance since the end of the Cold War, according to what was published on the NATO alliance's website. and now has more powers at a higher level of readiness.

For the first time in our history, we have combat troops in the eastern part of the Alliance, and the Allies are now investing significantly more in defense.

The Global Times article also warns of the influence NATO could have because it could lead to "division and conflict" globally.

"This strategic adjustment of NATO may improve its internal cohesion in the short term and secure the Alliance's position as the most powerful military power in the world held by the US and the West. However, in the long term, it may lead to new divisions and global confrontation, deeply affecting China's international relations and security environment," the article said.

"The risk of war will in any case increase as NATO advances and expands globally, and its influence will not be limited to Asia," adds the Global Times, whose views do not always reflect official policy in China.

Medvedev warns of 'Great War'

The warning comes after Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's former president and a close aide of current President Vladimir Putin, warned on social media on Friday of the possibility of a "big war" with NATO.

"Western politicians and their mediocre NATO Generals have once again decided to scare us. They have started the biggest military exercises since the Cold War."

He also said that Russia would never be the first to attack a NATO member, but that it would certainly respond to any possible attack against Russia's integrity or strengthening relations between the NATO alliance and Ukraine, the which could lead to a major war.”

"We are not going to attack any country in this bloc. All reasonable people in the West understand this. But if they play too hard and violate the integrity of our country, they will immediately receive an adequate response. This will mean only one thing - a big war, from which NATO will no longer move away," Medvedev pointed out.

UK and Romania talk openly about possible Russia-NATO war

On Thursday, Romania joined a growing list of NATO members whose senior officials have warned of the possibility of war with Russia.

General Gheorghiță Vlad, Romania's Chief of Defense, said in an interview with Europa Libera Romania - the Romanian version of Radio Free Europe - that his country is not currently ready for a conflict with Russia, but that such threats must be taken seriously considered.

General Vlad's warning followed a similar warning issued last week by the head of the British army, General Patrick Sanders, who called on his country's authorities to prepare for mass mobilization because of the possibility that the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine could spread to other countries.

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