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Is the disaster of Europe starting in Dublin? The cultural integration of extreme Islamists in the EU is impossible

The streets of Dublin in Ireland have turned into a war zone after an Algerian migrant attacked a nursery school with a knife, injuring three (3) children and two (2) adults, with the adult woman and a little girl being treated in a critical condition and the Chief of Police leaving all possibilities open regarding the motives that led the African to his heinous act, not ruling out a terrorist attack.


However, in the case of a terrorist attack, which has not been ruled out so far, it will probably be a "lone wolf", since leaks from the police do not mention that they are looking for accomplices of the Algerian.

However, the above incident caused intense riots and anti-migrant chants.

Anti-immigrant fury in the streets of Dublin

France in June, Ireland today. Children being stabbed by 'peace-loving' immigrants is not something we should or will accept. Get them out of Europe or face the consequences!


Full support for the Irish .Enough with the immigrants Just get the Rohingya out of our country.

Today an Algerian migrant in Ireland stabbed 3 children and 1 adult woman, seriously injuring all of them. The weary Irish people went on to protest as peacefully as other groups we know well. These are just a few of the scenes in Dublin today. Uncontrolled illegal immigration into countries by people who do not share the values of this nation must stop. The world must rise up!


Massive anti-immigration protests in Ireland after an Algerian migrant attacked children with a knife. Ireland always condemns #Israel when attacked by terrorists, and indeed did so after 7 October. Once they experience it they say the opposite.


The Irish are in no mood to accept anything from immigrants.


Cultural integration of migrants in the EU is very difficult with the current measures - rules 

From the above it can be seen that the rage of the Dublin Irish against migrants is high, highlighting a collective security problem for EU countries that receive migrants from either African or Asian countries.

Our assessment is that there is a need to tighten up the criteria for granting residence permits to immigrants in EU countries, and also to carry out a thorough check on their progress in integrating into the host country's society at an earlier stage, by providing them with educational knowledge and examinations on subjects such as the geography, history, language and religious beliefs of the host countries.







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