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What is coming to Greece - The Dutch election winner is far-right or patriotic with accuracy and immigration as his "shield"?

A political earthquake has been triggered in Europe by the election of the nationalist De Winters in the Netherlands, who has put immigration and the indiscriminate influx of migrant refugees into his country at the forefront of his agenda.

What is certain is that this is not an isolated political "incident", but a capital change of tolerant Dutch citizens to what they face daily in their lives, especially in the cities.


The shock for some in Europe is great, and there seems to be a long way to go in other countries, especially in Germany where the AFD is on a "winning streak", but also in France with the famous Marie Le Pen, who promises repatriation of illegal immigrants and better policing.    

French Finance Minister Bruno Lemaire, speaking to the media, fearing these political developments, said that "the Netherlands is not France", but that he too is likely to be in political shock at some time as a result of the election results in his country.

In his victory speech, Wilders promised to tackle what he called the "asylum tsunami" that has hit the Netherlands. 

"The main reasons voters backed Wilders in this election are his anti-immigration agenda, followed by his positions on the cost-of-living crisis and his position on health care," said Sarah de Lang, a politics professor at the University of Amsterdam.

What the political leaders in Europe will see in the coming period and the terrible risks for Greece

The countries of the so-called rich North in Europe, (Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, etc.), have come to understand in an ugly way that mass immigration, extreme Islamism, combined with the food crisis is an explosive mixture that threatens to blow up their societies.

At the same time, crime is running rampant in the big cities with a series of incidents of rape, theft, assault and, above all, the ghettoisation of illegal immigrants, which is no longer acceptable to all European citizens.

Europe is not America to accept cities with ghettoised whole areas inhabited by thousands of impoverished immigrants, where anarchy, lawlessness and delinquency will reign.
History and culture in Europe forbids this kind of city.

In Greece now, the problem is even bigger, since the countries of the North will probably try to send us thousands of migrants and refugees as the first host country.

And the problem will explode if Turkey decides to increase the flows to the islands and Evros.   

Already the Turks are "drowning" Greece with boats of illegal migrants and we have a 24% increase in migration flows compared to last year, according to FRONTEX.

This is, in our view, the main issue that German Chancellor Solts and Mr Mitsotakis discussed with Solts recently.

Our Prime Minister mentioned that our country wants those of our migrants who are granted asylum to stay-employment - while he mentioned the lack of working hands in our country - and their integration into Greek society, keeping them and not promoting them in the EU-Germany.

Accuracy, the abundance of immigrants, delinquency and a few other problems risk blowing up the good news in our economy, and most importantly the danger that citizens feel in their daily lives from the delinquent behaviour of Roma and foreigners.

As time goes by and no radical solutions are given, the danger to Greek and European society, which are already expressing themselves politically, will increase.

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