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Greek journalist in France: Battalions of nationalists on patrol in the streets (Video)-"Allahu Akbar" chanted by rioters in many cities

Greek journalist Maria Denaksa reports on last night in France after 5 days of riots.

"The evening was perfectly calm in France as internet yokes (overnight interruptions) were used to keep everything that was happening from going too far.

However there were again car arsons, buildings, looting, etc. possibly on a smaller scale than in the previous 24 hours, while battalions of nationalists took to the streets of Lyon and other towns on patrol."

A firefighter died overnight outside Paris while trying to extinguish burning vehicles, France's interior minister said.

It is not yet clear whether the fires are linked to the ongoing unrest.

French police made 157 arrests across the country on Sunday, down significantly from 719 arrests the previous day.

More than 3,000 people have been arrested in total following a massive security deployment.

Recall that according to foreign media, many rioters chanted "Allahu Akbar" as they set French cities ablaze and torched vehicles and fired mortar-like fireworks at buildings and police, according to video footage.


A French Jewish citizen Dan Lilty, a resident of Marseille, explains how the serious riots in the country are affecting the local Jewish community.

"There is a lot of pandemonium here," he tells Israel National News.

"Three nights we haven't slept from the explosions from the firecrackers of young people rioting in the city and the police response. We can't go to restaurants because they are all closed. There is not a living soul on the street since being in the city center feels dangerous," he says, stressing that it is not only the city's Jews who suffer.

"The rioters only want to steal and riot in the streets without discerning who is standing in front of them," Lilty concludes.


French police are making widespread use of drones to monitor people, giving law enforcement units clear insight in response to the unrest.

The first authorization of drone flights to provide police aerial views of riot-ravaged neighborhoods was given last Thursday, 48 hours after the first incidents of nighttime violence across France.

Since then, other regional police districts have slowly followed suit, with most finally allowing night-time drone deployment in France's major cities on Saturday.

The bottom line is that the riots in France have moved away from the initial protest over the death of a 17 year old boy, and have become a full blown riot, which we hope will "deflate" as some try to give it a religious character, with protests in Belgium, Switzerland, and yesterday Cyprus, in response to the Koran incident in Sweden.

Also, a group of young Muslims marched holding the Koran in their hands and shouting religious slogans in the tourist area of Paphos, protesting against the incident of the burning of the Koran in Sweden.      

Vigilance is required by all security services in Europe, and it is, because any escalation into a religious uprising would be the worst the European continent has seen since the Middle Ages.

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