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Vucic: "The US is arming Kosovo - We must drastically strengthen our army"

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that Kosovo is creating extremely strong armed forces and that the United States is leading the operation in violation of international law and UN Security Council Resolution 1244, stressing that Serbia must therefore drastically strengthen its army.


"They plan to have 5,500 professional soldiers in the so-called Kosovo Security Forces by 2027 and 20,000 additional soldiers in military reserves," Vucic said during a visit to the Operations Centre of the Military Intelligence Agency (VBA).

The Serbian President said that the biggest military aid to Kosovo has come from the USA, Turkey, Germany, Great Britain and neighbouring Croatia. According to the President, the situation is not easy, as Serbia is surrounded by NATO alliance states, whose troops are also stationed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, although Bosnia is not a NATO member.

Vucic also stressed that he is absolutely certain that the presence and actions of various intelligence agencies and other foreign services have intensified in Serbia, adding that the majority of state spending will be allocated for the Serbian army this year.

Serbian Deputy Minister of Defence: "Funny" to say that new investments in the army are linked to sale of US anti-tank systems

Serbian Deputy Defence Minister Nemanja Starovic has said that it is "funny to claim" that the announcement of new investments in the Serbian Army is linked to the sale of US anti-tank systems to Kosovo.

We recall that immediately after the State Department announced that it would sell $75 million worth of Javelin systems to Kosovo, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced that the Serbian Army would be equipped this year with military equipment worth 740 million euros.

"When we have been working on the modernisation of the Serbian Army for 10 years, it shows a lack of seriousness to claim that investments in the army are related to the armament of the Kosovo Security Forces," Starovic said at the conference "The concept of military neutrality and Serbia-NATO relations", adding that it is "expensive, but necessary".

"As a state that bases its foreign and security policy on two pillars - the policy of independence and the policy of military neutrality, we have to rely on our own forces, which we are doing," Starovic said.

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