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Serbian paramilitary brigade "Severna Brigada" and "Wagner" prepare to unleash hell against nationalist Albanians of Kosovo

The incident the day before yesterday, when the Albanian police attacked a monastery in Prizren, in northern Kosovo, brings a war scene in the region, with undetermined consequences for the entire Balkans.
The Albanians complain that "the purpose of the Serbian plan is to escalate the situation through organised incidents that would lead to open conflict between the Albanian police and KFOR on the one hand and Serb-Russian paramilitaries on the other, while the latter are hoping for support from the Serbian army through mountainous routes in the north".

We are talking about the Serbian paramilitary brigade 'Severna Brigada'.

Dushan Janjic, from the Forum for Ethnic Relations, said: "In the north of Kosovo there are security risks, which have multiplied and no one can guarantee that armed incidents will not occur. In the north of Kosovo, people trained by Wagner volunteers are linked to Russia.

In fact, the Serbian state, through political and paramilitary actions, is attacking the Kosovo state with the aim of dismantling it. Serbia not only does not recognise the state of Kosovo, but also acts to destroy the sovereignty of the state of Kosovo.

Belgrade has two purposes 1. The partition of Kosovo or 2. The reconquest of the state of Kosovo.

In order to achieve these two objectives, the Serb paramilitaries are well organised in the north and everywhere in Kosovo.

Politically they are led by the 'Lista Serbe' organisation, and militarily by armed groups such as 'Severna Brigada', 'Wagner' and 'Civil Defence', supported by the Serbian army and police.

All this is being done under the control and leadership of a special team under Vucic's control.

Belgrade is taking actions aimed at destroying the sovereignty and integrity of the Kosovar state.

Acts of terrorism by organised criminal groups are expected. Perhaps the establishment or non-establishment of the Serbian League in Kosovo is expected, in order to proceed to military actions, with fierce Serbian racism. Armed groups such as "Northern Brigade", and "Civil Defence" are in action.

Terrorist actions are expected from them. Kosovo is required to be prepared," he says, having great concern about what we will see in the coming days.

So the Serbs of these regions, with the full assistance of Belgrade-Moscow, are preparing a double plan to secede both the Serbian republic of BiH and northern Kosovo from the ethnic cleansing attempted by the Albanians with the tolerance of the West.

This will mean a new round of warfare as the "fire has been smouldering" in the region since 1999 and the problems have not only not been solved but have grown.

For the general public, it should be known that Russia has the right to intervene militarily in Kosovo, on the basis of previous UN resolutions designating itself as a guarantor country.

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