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Putin is threatening to occupy Kiev while NATO countries are preparing health systems for global conflict


Who and for what reason are pulling the strings in Ukraine, leading to scenarios of global conflict with huge consequences, especially in Europe?

The Russian president has directly threatened the US and NATO by mentioning the occupation of Kiev

Putin reported: "We will go all the way."

If the United States and NATO do not withdraw from Ukraine, continue the war with Russia and threaten Russia's existence, then 91% of Russians believe that Russia should use strategic nuclear weapons in that case, even if it means destroying the world.

Another US official, Victoria Nuland, said: "that she and her country are fighting for democracy and freedom in the world, which is why she announced the United States' intention to destroy Russia.


"I have great confidence that when the House of Representatives comes back after visiting their districts and listening to the American people, we will do what we have always done. This is a defense of democracy and freedom around the world, not only for the victims of tyrants like Putin, but also in our own interest in maintaining a free and open international order. That is what we must do.

We have done this before. And by the way, we have to remember that most of that money goes back into the U.S. economy to produce these weapons, including good-paying jobs in 40 U.S. states," she concluded.

NATO countries prepare health systems for global conflict

Romania and other NATO member states are preparing their healthcare systems to receive patients in the event of a conflict, according to the head of the Emergency Department, Raed Arafat.

"Emergency departments or civilian hospitals receive patients in case of conflict, it's normal. All over Europe, everyone sees this, that if soldiers are injured, they will eventually end up in civilian hospitals.

No country has military hospitals with all the specialties to meet the needs of soldiers. So any civilian hospital can eventually receive injured soldiers or civilians," Arafat said during an interview with Digi24.

The DSU chief said there is still work to be done, especially in the ICU and surgical capacity.

"Work is being done everywhere to prepare the healthcare systems of NATO member countries to deal with a possible conflict situation.

Although everyone says that this is very unlikely and that we should not be afraid, yes, this is true, but preparation is mandatory," Arafat said.



The President approves the rapid deployment of NATO troops on Romanian territory, if necessary
The official also said a NATO-level meeting on the need for the health care system to be prepared to receive mass casualties, whether from war or natural disaster.

Romania's healthcare system is also being prepared for nuclear detection. "We recently secured a €96.5 million project to build a medical stockpile and detection and monitoring for chemical, biological and radiological incidents. A stockpile we are building in Romania on behalf of the European Union, and there are other countries similar to us that have received such sums to do the same.

"All this increases the level of preparedness," Arafat added.

Greece must refrain from any plan for military involvement in Ukraine against Russia

The involvement of a country by sending arms and ammunition to one of the two warring sides is an indirect participation in a war, especially one like the one in Ukraine.

Greece has sent ammunition, automatic weapons, STINGER small anti-aircraft missiles and BMP-1 TMAs to Ukraine.

Greece's involvement implies a lot on a geopolitical and diplomatic level, with a more active involvement in the war being a risk both for the country and for the course of the political elite , which has already felt the negative impact of its handling of the Ukrainian crisis.

All these plans are extremely dangerous for Greece, in all their manifestations, which is why we must be very ready to react with our own moves in all areas.

Moves and statements of sensationalism or just propaganda? It is better not to find out and that reason prevails in the absurdity of the war in Ukraine, because unfortunately war fronts are opening up in the world one after the other, and this shows something for the next period.   

If the paranoia on Ukrainian soil continues and both sides pull the rope to the end, then no health system, or hospital, will be able to treat the thousands of wounded who will go there en masse, reminiscent of Hollywood films.


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