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Russian Beriev A-50 crashed in Krasnodar while Russians occupied Stepovoe and Krasnagorovka-Two US B-1B Lancers landed in Sweden (Video)

A Russian military aircraft Beriev A-50 which was reported to have crashed in the Krasnodar region, after being hit while flying over the Sea of Azov.

Russian sources said that the spy plane was hit by a Russian missile, which was probably fired from either Mariupol or elsewhere.


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Two U.S. Air Force B-1B supersonic strategic B-1B Lancers landed at Calax Airfield today after a non-stop flight from Elworth Air Force Base in South Dakota.

There was no word on how long the U.S. bombers will remain in northern Sweden.

A brief statement from the U.S. Air Force in Europe, however, said the bombers are being followed by "support personnel" and "will be integrated into the Swedish armed forces."

This means that the US aircraft will not be leaving anytime soon, and will likely remain in Sweden for NATO's Steadfast Defender-24 exercises, including the Nordic Response-24 that will begin soon.

The U.S. Air Force said the bomber crews will work with international partners to synchronize their capabilities.


The Russians occupied Stepovoe and Krasnagorovka

BILD defence editor Julian Röpke writes that the Russian Armed Forces have invaded the village of Stepovoe, while reports say that Russian army assault detachments have entered the territory of Krasnogorovka, the last settlement near Donetsk controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In December, the Ukrainian Armed Forces retreated to Berduchi, but continued to occupy the area between Stepovoe and the railway station.

This is one of the three areas where the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been on the defensive since the fall of Avdiivka.

"The Russian forces have fully occupied and put in control of Stepovoe, northwest of Avdiivka.
Ukrainian troops retreated to Berduchi 1.2 km to the west,"
Röpke writes.

The 1st Corps of the Russian Army continues its offensive with battles in Pervomaisk, Nevalsk and Orlovka.
Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine report: "The Russians have occupied almost all of the north, fierce fighting is taking place."

Panic in Kiev over the Russian advance

The German journalist Gregor Schwung, in a report by the Welt television station, spoke about the panic in the capital Kiev due to the successes of the Russian army on the front, stressing:

"In Ukraine they understand that they are in an extremely difficult situation on the front. Here in Kiev, behind closed doors, all the officials are saying that the situation is desperate, that we have to somehow try to hold the line, that the Russians are putting pressure on the entire front line."

However, this message has a second bottom to it.

Indeed, Svung blamed the U.S. for the delay in military aid to the Ukrainian Wehrmacht and the difficult situation of the Zakhishniks on the battlefield.

He noted that the issue of making a new aid package available to Kiev from Washington is of great concern to Zelensky's group.

"Since no one can even imagine what the Ukrainian authorities will do in case of a refusal... No one knows how everything will continue," the German journalist stresses.

The Russian front is squeezing the Ukrainian forces in many directions and it is probably only a matter of time before other areas are occupied on the way to Kupiansk and elsewhere.

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