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Professor Phillis: "The Greek political system is putting Greeks to sleep about the Turkish danger...we will wake up really tough one day"

Interview with George Filis

Journalist: Let's take the worst possible scenario, Mr. Phili, the country is attacked and you automatically declare a draft, all of us who are called to take up arms the next day without being trained, can we be part of a regular army that will implement operational strikes?

George Phillis: First of all, this scenario that you said the first thing we have to ask, is it possible? The answer is that no, it's just possible now.Number one.Ukraine has had a draft of many classes now they are drafting women because then of course of course, but in any case right now there is a draft.Russia has called up classes but because of the size of their population they have many who have contracts and so on so they have the possibility.Israel has had a draft.Men, women right now in the war that is going on and that is expected to escalate , people are now drafted.Men, women right now in the war that is going on and that is expected to escalate , people are now drafted.

What did the British Chief of Defence Staff say to the Chief of the Armed Forces a few days ago? In the most formal way the Chief of the Armed Forces of Great Britain said, that we must prepare our people for what is to become, for general conscription. Mind you let me tell you the creepy thing, because it is indeed creepy he was referring to Prewar generation for anyone who understands English we have left the post war , that is the post WWII generation and for the first time the English are speaking in public while here nothing is going on , here we have our own we are in Guffy's world.

Prewar generation pre-war generation and they say now, all this is what we are talking about the head of the armed forces of Ukraine.Prewar generation means that they have to prepare their people for war with Russia, that's what they say.So that's what the German foreign minister said the other day, Mr. Pistorius, that's what the commission commander, Admiral Dutch said, that's what they say... well the Baltic has their own issue over there, the Swedes and the Scandinavians are saying the same thing.So in this question it is very well to take the Finnish model, the Finnish model has many parameters and let me say with all due respect that it is indeed better to have an opportunity than a term of service than a chore. But even better is the term-service opportunity.

The military in Prewar generation is not to prepare the people as a citizen what to do, but it is to prepare the nation for what some people are bringing obviously we are not bringing.Prewar generation is something that is chillingly said in the last few days by the British.

Reporter: What are you afraid of? What are you thinking? 

George Philis: I think that initially I am not afraid, I think about what worries me what keeps me up at night, I worry that too many in the Greek system do not understand where we are, that is what worries me, I am not afraid with the Greeks, nor am I afraid of the Turks , I am worried that the elite do not understand that the Americans cannot stop the Turks , if Turkey decides to do something. They can't, they can't, I don't know if you understand what I'm saying, they can't stop Netanyahu now, they can't stop the situation in Ukraine on the ground in their favour, strategically the Americans have won in Ukraine.

They can't defeat the Taliban, they're gone, they're a power that is a superpower but they can no longer build the security architecture that they want in some areas.It's difficult at the moment, it's difficult economically, it's difficult militarily, other countries have risen up, it's much more chaotic than it was ten years ago.

So what I am afraid of is that Greece, the Greek political system is putting the Greeks to sleep, that's what scares me the most.And we will wake up one day very badly, that's what scares me.That is, they say that everything is fine and it's not going to happen.They said the same thing to the Ukrainians, they said the same thing to the Israelis.They may say the same thing to the Taiwanese, but it's happening.That's the problem.Do you understand?That's what scares me.

So we're not mainly psychologically ready.Because I think that theoretically this crisis of the system, and therefore what Turkey will do will be relatively soon because you know there are windows of opportunity in this type of business, so to speak.It's when it's convenient for the larger situation to happen.Now is the larger situation.

The Turks won't have time to have an aircraft carrier to do what they're doing, nor will we. I don't know if we'll get Belharra the first one so to speak to deal with such an issue.So to put it this way, what scares me is that they are systematically putting the Greeks to sleep.And you as a journalist understand this.You understand this too, with the finances nothing is wrong, everything is fine, we're having a good time and suddenly it comes to you.That's what scares me.

Journalist: what would you say if someone told you that you are scaremongering, Mr.Phili?

George Philis: I would answer that he should see our interviews before Ukraine , what we were saying and what has happened since.Then he should tell me whether I and some other colleagues are being alarmist, or he is a hopeful.





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