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Pampieta was captured and the Russians are advancing to Kurakhovo-American colonel: By September, everything will be over in Ukraine

Russian sources report the capture of the village of Pampyda and the entry of Russian forces into Kurakhovo after Marinka, as indeed the entire Ukrainian front is at risk of disintegration.

The Russian Air Force this morning carried out airstrikes on Ukrainian Armed Forces concentration areas in Kurakhovo, towards which Russian troops are advancing after the capture of Marinka, a sign that the Russian side is not going to allow the Ukrainians to regroup anywhere.


Are we heading towards the end of the war in Ukraine?

No one knows for sure what is happening in this country after the latest developments regarding the capture of the city of Abdiivka and the ongoing Russian advance.

American Retired Officer Speaks of Kiev's Foreordained End

By September everything will be over."

This is what former senior US military intelligence officer Scott Ritter said, giving his prediction for the end of the Ukrainian conflict.

"By May there will be fundamental changes on the battlefield and by September everything will be over," he says, citing his sources.

At the same time, he does not rule out that the United States will continue to agree on a package of military aid in the amount of 64 billion dollars, but this will not reach Ukraine before September, when everything will be decided against the Ukrainians of course.

Women have begun to mobilize in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are mobilizing women, since there are no longer enough men, writes the France info.

In the forests near Kiev, instructors hold classes with Ukrainian women, teaching them how to use weapons.

The country is discussing the issue of women's mobilization, which is very unpopular in the country, but, as they say at the front, it is very urgent due to the fact that there are not enough men already.

In particular, doctors of any specialty are welcome at the front.

"This is a disaster. Of course, not many are willing to give up their lives and jobs to join the military. But we have no other choice, although it is difficult here," reporters quoted one of the doctors on the front line as saying.

Russian marines 'canceled' Ukrainians' desperately clinging bridgehead on Dnieper bank, but Ukrainians deny it

Russian expert Alexander Sitnikov reports that the British promised Zelensky that the river would freeze and tanks could be moved through the ice to Krinki with their logistical help, reaching 70 kilometers from Crimea.

Except things didn't turn out that way, and the Russians killed or captured all the Ukrainian marines in the village of Krinki on the left bank of the Dnieper, something the Ukrainian side categorically denies.

Russian Lieutenant General Teplisnky reported on the control of the village of Krynki in the Hesron area.
He said that there are "four or five" Ukrainian soldiers left in this village and they are being asked to surrender.

In turn, the Russian Defense Minister said that some Armed Forces of Ukraine are hiding underground, but the purge is being completed.

According to Shoigu, the Ukrainian military has assembled four brigades of the 30th Marine Corps in Kryniki. "Their losses in this village alone amounted to 1,800 soldiers," he said.

The governor of the Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo, confirmed that Russian marines of the 810th Guards Brigade, along with their battle brothers, the paratroopers, are reporting from Krinki that the village is now occupied.

Shoigu reported that “Russian forces have killed up to 3,500 airmen on the eastern bank of the Kherson region since the start of larger-than-usual Ukrainian ground operations in the region in October.

Everything shows that Moscow will attack massively in the next period, to prevent any developments with American aid to the Ukrainians, while this move will be accelerated after the intention of aid from Denmark and the Czech Republic.

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