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Is Avdiika falling in the next 48 hours? 10,000 Ukrainians are surrounded while 110,000 armored Russians are ready to attack Kupyanks-Kharkov

Everything literally hangs in the balance for Kiev in the next 48 hours, as Russian forces have surrounded 10,000 Ukrainians in Avdiyka and are preparing with 110,000 armored troops for a rapid advance on two possible points on the front.

Media sources say Russia is keeping 40,000 troops near Kupyansk in the Kharkiv region.

"The Russian army has gathered 40,000 troops near Kupyansk, Kharkiv Region," Eastern Ukraine Operational Command spokesman Ilya Yevlas told Ukrainian television stations on February 6.

"In the wider Lyman-Kupiansk sector, Moscow has moved about 110,000 troops since the end of 2023," he added.

What is happening in Avtniika that resembles the battle in Bahamut

From the northeast, fighters of the 114th Russian brigade and the 30th Russian brigade (Samara) broke through the Ukrainian defenses in the city's quarry and entered the city limits of Avdiyka in the Zheleznodarozno region.


Russian forces reached Sapronova Avenue, then north on Donetskaya Avenue to Zheleznodaroznou Bridge.

At the same time infantry units and the 115th special forces brigade of the Russian Guard entered Avtniika.
We are talking about special forces, specially designed for street fighting.

If you look at it as a whole, then this unexpected maneuver of Russian troops effectively cut the city of Avtnyika in half, at its narrowest point, from the Zheleznodarozno bridge to the city's main transport artery, which supplied the Ukrainian force now trapped in south front (from the side of the Yasinovataya area).

According to the front's estimates, a Ukrainian force of 10,000 soldiers was stationed there.

Avdiika's life in Ukrainian hands will be decided in the next 48 hours.

If the Ukrainians cannot stop the Russian advance and push back the Russian forces a bit, they will lose the city and 10,000 soldiers.

Russian units continue their attack north of Avdiyka and have already reached the railway 500 meters from the main supply line of Ukrainian forces.

Heavy fighting is taking place in the area, but the Ukrainians have been unable to stop the Russian advance.

With continued progress, Russian forces will reach the main Ukrainian supply route within 48 hours and it will all be over.

At the same time, the situation for Ukrainian forces is becoming increasingly critical both in the South and the North-East.

In both directions their forces in the Ukrainian strongholds are threatened with encirclement.
Within 48 hours Ukrainian forces will evacuate both areas or face encirclement and destruction.

Ukraine will have one last secondary supply road, going from Sjeverne or Lastochkyne to the northern part of the Khimik region area.

According to the map, there are only two Ukrainian supply routes, the larger one in yellow and a smaller one in green, and the Russians are only 500 meters from the Ukrainian supply route and 800 meters from the secondary supply route.

Both are already under Russian fire control, but may soon be captured within hours.
If the main supply route is captured and Ukrainian forces are unable to reopen it within 48 hours, new supply routes will leave Avdiyka within days along with thousands of troops.

Russian missile platform with thermobaric warheads TOS "Dragon"

The legendary heavy flamethrower TOS has received an update. The developers gave the improved weapon system the name "Dragon".

Recently, the Omsktransmash company registered the trademark TOS-3. Judging by the schematic, engineers and designers took advantage of the first and second versions of the TOS thermobaric system.

The first version of TOS-1 "Buratino" was released in the 1980s, 10 years later it was improved to TOS-1A "Solntsepek".

This system is already in production in Russian factories and we will soon see it on the front, causing truly terrible results against Ukrainian forces.

There is now a sense that the Russians are "running" to attack the Ukrainians before they equip themselves with aircraft and new weapon systems, with the aim of minimizing their human losses.

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