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"Russia is cautious about everything!" F-16s are ready but Kiev won't accept them because they will be defeated

The American-made F-16 fighters have not yet arrived in Ukraine and Kiev is already frightened at the idea of using them directly, as it knows very well that Russia has the capacity to hit almost every military airbase in the country minute by minute. Also, Moscow knows where, when and how Western military equipment is transferred to Zelensky's army.


The same applies to Western air defence missiles, since Russia targets them when they are in large quantities in the same storage infrastructure.

This concern was expressed by Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuri Ignat, according to reports in Russian media carried by the defense The EurAsian Times in its own audience.

The Ukrainian military officer essentially confirmed what we have been saying for a long time: it is a real challenge to operate F-16 fighter jets from any military airfield across Ukraine, because they are all within range of Russian weapons.

Easy Targets for the Russian Air Force

"The Ukrainian military is concerned about the introduction of a large quantity of US F-16 fighters, as well as a large quantity of air defense missiles into the country," Ignat said. "This is because there is a risk of destruction of this equipment by Russian forces, which are very well aware of our weapons storage sites."

He stressed that everything is ready for the F-16s, but the reason they are not entering the country is that they would very quickly become a "good target" for Russian fire.

Ignat added that the fighters should arrive on Ukrainian territory when "the conditions are right", but what does he mean by that? Surely he was referring to the training of pilots and engineers, the creation of suitable bases, etc.


However these are workable. What will make it much more difficult for Kiev is to find a way to ensure that the F-16 fighters it receives do not become scrap as soon as they set foot on Ukrainian soil. And that is a very difficult task, since Ignat himself has admitted in the past that Russia has the upper hand in the air, with the ultramodern and heavily armed Su-35S fighter as the protagonist. 

"It is a technologically powerful aircraft with superior weaponry that achieves ranges even greater than the AIM-120 AMRAAM [F-16] missile. Its radar and navigation systems can hit many targets simultaneously," the Ukrainian spokesman had emphatically stated earlier.

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