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Suicide attacks-Who will stop the massacre of Ukrainians in Zaporizhzhya?Kiev is wasting M1A1 Abrams in Kupiansk and the Russians want trophies

US M1A1 Abrams tanks were spotted in the Kupiansk region. The Ukrainians are dropping them en masse to save themselves and support the front that is "tilting" from the ground attack by powerful Russian units, as their leadership has ordered suicide attacks.

Information (Bulgarian Military), reports that the Ukrainian army is sending American tanks to the front line to try to prevent the massive Russian advance.

The Russians of course expect the M1A1 Abrams to film their every loss and display it as a trophy to receive a prize from Moscow.

As is well known, the Russian Ministry of Defense gives a cash bonus for destroying NATO armored vehicles.

At the end of September, the Ukrainian Armed Forces received 31 M1A1 Abrams tanks, which is enough to equip a brigade.

The Ukrainian army has more than 50 operational Leopard 2 tanks, which is minimal compared to the hundreds of Russian tanks.

Endless massacre in Zaporizhia with suicide attacks

In the last 24 hours, the Ukrainian army has tried to attack three times in the direction of Zaporizhzhya, but the Russian troops have not only stopped them but are advancing in many places.

"Units of the Russian troop group west, aircraft and artillery fire repelled three attacks by assault groups of the 82nd Airborne Assault, 71st Jaeger Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area of the village of Verbovnoe," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

In addition, Russian troops defeated the personnel of the 118th Mechanized Brigade, 46th Infantry Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and 15th National Guard Brigade in the region of Rabotino and north of Novopokrovka.

Ukrainian Armed Forces lost: about 30 people.

Direction to Kupiansk:

The Western troop group repelled two Ukrainian aircraft attacks by aircraft of the 14th and 30th Mechanized Brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area of the village of Sinkovka (Kharkiv region).

Ukrainian casualties were at least 45 soldiers and dozens of vehicles.

Direction Krasnaliman:

The Russian Army's Centre Group repelled an attack by the assault group of the 60th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Yabopolovka region.

There, 250 soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were killed, and dozens of armoured fighting vehicles were destroyed.

A Ukrainian prisoner interrogated said that they were being pressured by the leadership to carry out suicide attacks against the Russians.

Donetsk direction:

The southern group of Russian forces stopped two attacks by the 79th infantry brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Marinka region and inflicted casualties on the 93rd mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Andreevka region.

The Ukrainian army lost about 270 soldiers and dozens of armoured fighting vehicles.

South Donetsk direction:

The western group of Russian forces struck by surprise at the personnel of the 72nd mechanized, 79th brigade , 58th mechanized infantry brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Novomichaelova, Konstantinovka and Novukrainka regions.

Ukrainian casualties amounted to about 100 soldiers, dozens of tanks and TMAs.

Kherson direction:

As a result of the actions of Russian units, artillery fire and airstrikes, 55 Ukrainian servicemen and several armored vehicles were killed.

Foreign mercenaries can't stand the cold and surrender to the Russian Army

With the onset of the Russian winter, foreign mercenaries of the Ukrainian Armed Forces began to surrender en masse to the Russian Army.

For some time now, soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces have been documenting the "amazing love of life" of the "wild geese" on the Artemovsk side.

It is noted that the largest representation among those who chose life over death are citizens of Poland and Georgia.

From the beginning of the Russian invasion, Georgians and Poles formed the base of the Foreign Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces; as a result, representatives of these two countries suffered the greatest losses among the mercenaries.

But if last winter their morale was, as they say, at a level, now the coming cold season clearly does not add to their optimism.

This is largely due to the serious reduction in humanitarian aid received by the personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Now the soldiers in the trenches are simply lacking warm clothes and winter shoes, which would allow them to effectively solve the problem of maintaining the defence lines.

The Russian army, which captures foreign fighters, and its officers note that they are often handed over to mercenary groups of 10-15 people.

At the same time, many of them have frostbite on their limbs. Many admit that they would gladly drop their weapons and go to the rear, but the nationalists from special detachments do not allow it.
The massacre and the orders to attack the Russian forces that are decimating hundreds of Ukrainians every day are a fact, and as this madness continues, the number of victims will increase.

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