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The active role of the Turkish MIT in the release of the Thai hostages from Hamas - Erdogan's "Trojan horse" to gain a foothold in Gaza

Erdogan is known to have taken an outspoken position in the Israel-Hamas war in the Gaza Strip in favour of the terrorist organisation which he described as "liberationist", accusing the State of Israel and its Prime Minister Netanyahu of being "terrorists".

Erdogan's negative attitude towards Israel 

At the same time, he unsuccessfully attempted to rally Muslim countries against Israel in order to take concerted action against it, while revealing an unprecedented anti-Israeli fury.

In this way, Turkey became the only NATO country to support the Hamas terrorist organisation, showing once again its anti-Western sympathies, while 'cultivating' a climate of intense anti-Americanism among its citizens. 

However, it is commonly accepted that in recent years, especially since 2016, Erdogan has been acting as an enemy rather than a partner within NATO, constantly creating problems for the Alliance and the US on a range of international issues.

The many problems Turkey causes to NATO-USA

What is there to be said about Turkey's policy of targeting its allies.

The issue of the Kurdish YPG allies of the US, whom Turkey has tried to annihilate militarily many times by dubbing them terrorists , while they fought against the real ISIS terrorists, with the latter being armed by Erdogan by smuggling oil with them, or the Astana agreements on the post-war status of Syria, co-opting Iran and Russia, excluding the US-EU from the discussions?

Or on the issue of Russia buying the S-400 and not sanctioning Turkey for invading Ukraine, as all other NATO countries did?

On the other hand again we had Turkey's difficulties and bargaining over Finland's entry into NATO and Sweden is even now "on hold" in order for the Turkish Parliament to vote in favour of its accession, which Erdogan is pushing back by delaying it?

It is also known that in 2020, Erdogan, through his own fault and in the midst of the war in Ukraine, brought NATO in its South-Eastern wing to the brink of disintegration, bringing the situation with our country to the brink, one step literally before war, While with regard to Cyprus and the South-Eastern Mediterranean, it has done the "thousand and one", with arbitrary exploration for natural gas in part of the Cyprus EEZ, proposing as the only solution the creation of two states on the island in violation of the UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions, which it also disputes.

The icing on the cake was put on the cake on the occasion of the Israel-Hamas war, where Turkey fully revealed its anti-Western face by praising and giving shelter to the terrorist organisation, which it describes as 'liberationist' and the State of Israel and its Prime Minister as 'terrorists'.

As if all this were not enough, we recently had the Turkish Chief of the General Staff of the Navy declaring that 'We do not want America and NATO in the Black Sea'.

Turkey seeks to assume the role of a post-war guarantor power for the Palestinians

From the above it is clear that Erdogan is developing his own autonomous foreign policy, which in many international issues is even contrary to that of the West, to which Turkey supposedly "belongs".

Part of this autonomous Turkish foreign policy is the role which Erdogan wants his country to assume after the end of the war in the Gaza Strip, as a guarantor power for the Palestinians and Hamas.

What does this remind us of?

Cyprus where under the guarantor power guise Turkey carried out the ATTILA invasion with disastrous results for Hellenism.

Earlier, as a guarantor force, there was a permanent Turkish force in Cyprus, the TURDYK of 650 soldiers.

At present the international community seems to flagrantly ignore Turkish aspirations, with the US advocating the creation of a Palestinian state comprising the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, governed by a moderate Palestinian government, assisted by Arab commissioners appointed by their states.

The active role of the Turkish MIT in the release of the Thai hostages from Hamas

However, Erdogan wants to infiltrate Gaza by any means possible, seeing the release of hostages from Hamas, with whom he is known to have excellent relations, as a new springboard in their effort.

So while the US-Egypt and Qatar have played a leading role in freeing the "hard core hostages" from Hamas, such as US-Israelis-Israelis and Europeans, Erdogan has instructed the MIT to ask Hamas to release the Thai hostages, whom the terrorist organization would not gain any benefit by holding them anyway.

Hamas responded by releasing them, making a statement , stating: "In response to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's efforts, the Thai prisoners in Gaza have been released." 

 In doing so, Erdogan drove a wedge into the release of the hostages by Hamas, attempting to project his country as part of the solution to the ceasefire initially and the resolution of the Palestinian issue later.

Erdogan's constant goal is to intrude in any way as the official Palestinian solution provider by making the Palestinians taxpayers subservient and a satellite state, instrumentalizing and interfering at every turn to serve Turkey's interests in the Southeastern Mediterranean and Middle East.

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