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Chaos in Dublin - Government is putting troops on the streets due to migrant attacks (Video)

In an unprecedented move, the Irish government has taken the extraordinary step of deploying the army on the streets of Dublin in response to a serious public order situation.

Coming off the back of a series of violent incidents, the city has become a cauldron of unrest, raising significant public safety concerns.

Military Support to Law Enforcement

The deployment of the military is not a substitute, but a support mechanism for law enforcement forces.

The escalating violence requires an enhanced response and the presence of the military is intended to reinforce the efforts of Garda Siochana, Ireland's police force, to maintain order in the midst of chaos.
A decision that has met with mixed reactions

The Irish government's decision to involve the military in political matters has sparked a variety of reactions from the public.

While some citizens express relief at this decisive action, others view it with concern, expressing worries about the consequences of such a military engagement.

Temporary development for public safety

Despite varying public reactions, the Irish government is firm in its stance.
It has stressed that the development is strictly temporary, with the sole aim of restoring order and ensuring public safety.

The Irish Government has assured the public that this move is not a sign of impending martial law, but a necessary measure to restore peace and security in the city.

As Dublin goes through this turbulent period, the role of the military in supporting the police and the Government's response to the crisis will continue to be carefully scrutinised.

The hope is that this decisive action will help restore calm and end the violence that has plagued the city.

The migrant problem in Europe

A shocking revelation comes to us from Europe, according to which "there are a growing number of areas in the UK, Belgium, France and Sweden into which emergency services and law enforcement can only enter in exceptional circumstances and heavily armed.

And to understand the doctrinal/ideological underpinnings of Islamism through immigration, entire
Parts of London are fast becoming no-go areas for the British Metropolitan Police.

There is a serious problem starting in Italy, Spain, France, France, Sweden and now Britain, due to the now daily, phenomena of unbelievable savagery and brutality of incidents involving a portion of immigrants from Africa, and Pakistan, while rape and assaults on women are on a frightening increase.

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