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Though battles in Gaza: Hamas destroyed Israel's Merkava tanks and TOMA Namer (Video)

Epic footage of fierce street fighting in Gaza, with Hamas terrorists inflicting casualties on Israeli commandos, Merkava tanks and Namer armoured personnel carriers, shows the truth about the terrible clashes taking place.

Al-Qassem Brigade terrorists repeat the method they learned in Iran and attack an Israeli TOMA Namer, placing explosives under a turret of the vehicle.

The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam brigades are fighting furiously we would say and trying to kill members of the special forces, taking on an entire detachment of Israeli commandos.

Gaza's terrifying environment, full of hiding places and traps, enables individual Hamas terrorists to use anti-tank weapons against tanks, and soldiers in destroyed buildings.

We are talking about people who have been trained by Iranian officers in Iran, and have a rich arsenal of weapons, with the aim of inflicting casualties on the Israeli side, but in no way will this change the flow of the war and the elimination of this organisation.

In any case, the video and images give us a clear example of urban warfare, which is the most difficult and bloody, since the firepower and superiority of weapons is offset by the "natural" environment full of rubble and hundreds of hiding places.  

Israel for this purpose has created special units to fight in this terribly dangerous environment, with specialised combat in urban environments, tunnels, etc.

The Israeli army bombards with artillery

Israel is carrying out an artillery offensive in southern Lebanon amid repeated Hezbollah attacks.

The Israel Defense Forces announced that they carried out pre-emptive artillery bombardments in southern Lebanon this morning, amid repeated attacks by the terrorist group Hezbollah.

Shortly afterwards, a number of rockets and mortars were fired from Lebanon into the northern communities of Arab al-Aramshe and Bar'am, as well as the Biranit base.

No injuries were caused by the attacks, but a fire was set near the military base, according to the Israeli army.


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