Zvezda - Ρώσοι αλεξιπτωτιστές με γουρούνες και Kornet εξουδετέρωσαν Ουκρανούς
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Russian cold-blooded commandos blew up a Ukrainian unit riding on four wheels (Video)

Russian paratroopers approached the Ukrainian army in all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and neutralized them using Kornet anti-tank missiles.

In the new publication of the Russian state-run Zvezda of the Kremlin, it is stated that Russian paratroopers destroyed a concentrated force of Ukrainian manpower and armored vehicles in the war zone of Ukraine.

They did this using Kornet-type anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs). The Russian Ministry of Defense has also published relevant material from their combat activity.

In a little more detail, soldiers from the motorized anti-tank reserve of the Ivanovo airborne forces took over the mission and proceeded to the specific area with four-wheeled pigs. They got close enough to the positions of Ukrainian soldiers and opened fire with Kornet anti-tank missiles.

After that, the fighters of the Russian armed forces abandoned their positions.

"These raids are the work of cold-blooded, self-confident professionals, because ATVs (all-terrain vehicles, i.e. pigs) do not offer protection against bullets and projectile fragments," the Russian news service explained.

If these vehicles had armour, then their weight would be too high to be able to move with sufficient agility and speed.

At the same time, a Russian politician said that Moscow is ready for the Ukrainian counterattack.

In particular, Alexander Borodai, a member of the Russian State Duma, announced during his deposition the readiness of the Russian side for a possible large-scale counterattack by the armed forces of Ukraine.

The politician emphasized that the situation at the front requires maximum attention and preparation, since the armed forces of Ukraine have gathered significant reserves.

"We are preparing in all directions for a possible large-scale counterattack by the armed forces of Ukraine," he said.

The Russian expressed his confidence that the Russian side is capable of repelling a strong attack by the Ukrainian armed forces.

According to him, in some areas of the front, the armed forces of Ukraine already have numerical superiority. However, he added, the situation is not as critical as it was at the end of last spring, despite the fact that there is a numerical advantage of the armed forces of Ukraine.

"Indeed, in many areas of the front, the armed forces of Ukraine now have a significant numerical advantage. And of course they will try to take advantage of this situation" concluded Borodai.

His statements confirm the critical and serious situation at the front and show how important further Russian actions are to ensure Moscow's victory.

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