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"One by one" the Russians destroy the Ukrainian weapons warehouses - How do the "jackals" of Moscow find their target?

In recent days, the Russian aerospace forces have struck several ammunition and equipment depots of the Ukrainian armed forces. Recently, we talked about a strong blow to a warehouse in the city of Khmelnytskyi.

As a result of all these attacks, Russia manages to delay the Ukrainian counterattack even more, since it reduces the offensive capabilities of their military.

Military expert and captain 1st rank of the Russian reserve forces, Volodymyr Gundarov, said that there are still too many such warehouses, since the Ukrainians distribute their ammunition and equipment in different places.

“It is impossible to cover all the warehouses with missile strikes. Aerial bombardments would be more effective, but we can launch guided bombs only from certain areas so that they do not enter the area covered by the enemy's air defenses and put the lives of the pilots at risk," he added.

The military expert reminded that several warehouses of the Ukrainian armed forces exist from the Soviet era, that is why their coordinates, their diagrams and their construction plans are still in the Kremlin.

At the same time, electronic and satellite intelligence tools are helping to locate temporary ammunition depots, which were built after 1991.

"Satellite reconnaissance sees which positions the trains approach, where the most active movement of loading and unloading of equipment and ammunition takes place," Gundarov emphasized.

In addition to the above, information on warehouse locations is obtained from open sources such as social media and correspondent analyses.

"Information comes from the most unexpected sources. During the time of the Soviet Union, Americans learned how many aircraft we were building from reports in the Pravda newspaper. Now it is enough to have a person with a mobile phone and he will tell you everything" he explained.

The Russian recalled that in Poland, as the local press wrote, a certain group of people was discovered to place bedbugs on trains carrying NATO equipment. Although not one hundred percent confirmed, such methods can really help in tracking enemy forces and means.

The View of a Man in Stripes reports that the key to successful recent Russian strikes against Ukrainian ammunition depots is finding the exact location of the target. "After all everything else is a matter of technology."

Finally, A-50U spy planes of the AWACS class and electronic reconnaissance aircraft of the Tu-214R and Il-20M types, which can discover the coordinates of various types of military infrastructure from hundreds of kilometers away, also help in the whole operation.

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