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The Russians are unstoppable: The "Typhoons" of Moscow killed 50 Ukrainians (Video) - Putin's commandos conquered and annihilated a fortress (Video)

According to the newest publication of the Russian state-owned Zvezda, during the previous day, the artillery of the Vostok group neutralized more than 50 soldiers in the direction of Uglendar. The Russian Typhoons left no room for survival in the Ukrainians' NATO-sourced weaponry, the Russians stressed.

As a result of their operation, Russian BM-27 Uragan guns destroyed American and Polish self-propelled guns. Of course, the operational work of the combat crews, that is, the gunners and commanders who coordinated without any delay, added to this, the article added.


In the direction of southern Donetsk, countries receive Russian operations against enemy artillery. Russian crews hit target coordinates they receive from reconnaissance teams every ten minutes. Most often, Russian snipers hit Ukrainian positions that have already been destroyed. At one of these positions, a Moscow drone detected a Polish Crab-type self-propelled gun. Ukrainian soldiers had already prepared it to fire, but they proved to be a bit slower than the Russians, according to Zvezda. Missile strikes by Russian artillery destroyed the battery along with its Ukrainian crew.

"Lately, all Ukrainian hopes depend on NATO weapons," the Russian page explained.

"Just two days ago, we were working against an M777 gun, we hit them with a high-explosive warhead," an artillery battery commander nicknamed Irtysh is said to have said.

After the Russian Typhoon unleashed a full volley, the array scrambled to refuel its missiles.

Ukrainian Fortress was captured

In another publication of Zvezda now, it is reported that paratroopers from the base of the city of Ivanovo in Russia captured and annihilated a Ukrainian fortress in one of the directions of the war zone. The material from their combat work was published by the Russian Ministry of Defense. The enemy target was discovered by a Russian drone.

First, Russian artillery pounded Ukrainian positions, then attack aircraft took action. Finally, after advancing to the site, Russian personnel from the assault platoon captured the stronghold of the armed forces of Ukraine, which was located in a forest.


"Fear is always there, only a coward is not afraid. But you are in control. Excitement, adrenaline. We strive to accomplish the mission assigned to us. When bullets are whizzing past you, that's all you think about. When we clear the fort, we wait for the reinforcement unit and then move back again," said the commanding officer of the assault group, nicknamed Kuzbass.


As a result of the battle, Russia's Zvezda reported that the Ukrainians retreated, leaving behind a large number of weapons and ammunition, as well as dead and wounded soldiers. Two Ukrainian soldiers surrendered.

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