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Ukrainian soldier to Zelensky: "You will pay for this"-Massacre of Ukrainians while Wagner declares that it entered Bakhmut City Hall (Video)

Furious, crying Ukrainian soldier accuses Ukrainian president of causing hundreds of casualties in Bakhmut, with orders to hold at all costs a city already surrounded by Russian forces for a long time.

The crying Ukrainian soldier is furious with Zelensky and declares: "You will pay for everything", addressing V. Zelensky.

It is true that the Ukrainians have lost a large number of forces to stop Wagner, who is apparently carrying out Moscow's broader plan in the region.

At the same time, US General Mark Millay, head of the US Army's Joint Chiefs of Staff, said: "For about 20, 21 days, the Russians have not made any progress in and around Bahamut. So it's a slaughter fest for the Russians," he told US politicians at a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Russian military forces in Bakhmut.

Wagner continues her purges within the city by storming Bahamut's City Hall

There are reports that Wagner fighters stormed the building of the regional administration and city council of Bakhmut (red circle), while the Armed Forces of Ukraine retreated into the city center from Bakhmutskaya and Blagoveshchenskay streets, confined to a narrow strip of land.

Russian mercenaries have apparently been ordered to completely occupy the once 71,000-resident city in anticipation of an imminent Ukrainian counterattack.

New video of Ukrainian forces preparing for a counterattack

The Ukrainians released new footage showing a large concentration of armored forces, hinting at an imminent attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the new video, we see the newly received infantry fighting vehicles. According to open sources, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is now intensively preparing Ukrainian crews with new equipment, delivered by the Alliance, for the upcoming counterattack.

In one scenario, the Russian military command may have suspended offensive operations, anticipating a Ukrainian counterattack, while hundreds of Russian tanks, self-propelled guns, and anti-aircraft missile launchers (TOS-1A) are moved into close proximity to the Bakhmut, which is the "decoy". .

The Russian plan calls for the massing of strong Ukrainian forces to attempt to annihilate them in order to cut off the Ukrainians' ability to conduct offensive operations before the Russian offensive begins to reach deep into Ukrainian territory.

What Russians and Ukrainians will achieve, we will see in practice, whatever many experts say.

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