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Russians Pound Avdeevka and Sumi-Kiev Holds Bakhmut at All Costs-Prepares Major Land Offensive

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was ordered by Zelensky to hold Bakhmut at any cost.

For this reason, the Ukrainians began to transfer there special forces, which will be used as ordinary infantry. These are tangible signs of an imminent Ukrainian counter-attack on the city symbol of the war named Bakhmut.

The Russians know this, and they publicize that about 100 Leopard-2s have already arrived on Ukrainian soil, while near Chafov Yar 80,000 Ukrainian motorized infantry have been assembled for an attack, very soon.

The Russians hit Shumi and Avdeeka, wanting to catch up with the Ukrainians at the departure point

Ukrainian sources report that the Russian Armed Forces are again hitting targets in the Sumy region this morning.


Also, the "Tulips" unit of the "Kalmius" brigade has been attacking the Ukrainians in a fortified area near Avdeeka since this morning.

The attack of the Russian troops in the Abdeeka area is supported by the fire of the most powerful 240 mm 2S4 "Tyulpan" self-propelled mortars of the 14th "Kalmius" artillery brigade.

Moldova is implementing military exercises with the participation of the US, the British and Romania

Moldova's government announced on Monday that it is hosting a joint military exercise involving special forces units from the US, UK and Romania.

"The exercise will take place in the training centers of the Moldovan Army, from today, March 27, to April 7, and aims at joint training and exchange of experience between Moldovan, Romanian, American and British special forces soldiers, as well as increasing of the level of interoperability between the participating bodies," the Moldovan Defense Ministry said in a statement.

The special forces of the four countries will conduct advanced combat fire, as well as parachute and training exercises, specializing in specific missions, adding that the Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET-2023) will be conducted "in accordance with the National Army's training plan for year 2023".

The statement said that the military equipment will be transferred to the training centers of the Moldovan army to be used during the exercises and asked the public not to speculate about the movement of the military equipment.

The Russians are receiving Iranian drones in large quantities

Britain's Ministry of Defense announced that Russia sent at least 71 Iranian Shahed kamikaze drones against Ukraine after a two-week hiatus in late February.

The resumption of these types of operations suggests that "Russia has begun to receive regular resupply of a small number of Shahed drones," the British military added in its daily intelligence assessment.

It said Russian forces had dispatched the Iranian drones from the Krasnodar region in the east and the Bryansk region in the northeast, reducing flight times in the north to "further expand Ukrainian air defenses."

Russian officer commander of the "East" force group was removed from his position

Sources report the removal of the commander of the Eastern Group of Forces, General Muradov.

Despite the fact that the group of Russian forces "East" has achieved a lot in the direction of Zaporizhzhya since the beginning of this year, it became known that General Muradov was removed from the post of commander of the Eastern Group of Forces.

According to Russian military correspondents, this is due to failures during the attack in the Uglendar region, however, such information has not yet received official confirmation.

Putin changes Generals in search of the best ones for his plans, while the Ukrainians prepare an attack on Bahamut.

The Russians are not progressing at the pace they want, while the Ukrainians have a huge issue with manpower. Who will win in this game, history itself shows us, and it is about the one who can withstand the most losses while having large Reserves at the same time.

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