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Havoc in Ukraine: The Russians drop FAB bombs, surround Bakhmut - The Black Sea fleet is on alert

The Russians are using FAB bombs in the Donbass, according to a video that recorded the impact of a heavy glide bomb.

The video that appeared on the network recorded a powerful bombing attack. According to Telegram channels, we are talking about the use of a universal design and correction unit equipped with a 1500 kg high-explosive aerial bomb.

In the video, you can see that the aerial bomb hits the fortified area of the Ukrainian army, which, considering the explosion, shows that the strike was guaranteed to destroy the entire group of Ukrainian troops, along with equipment and weapons.

Judging by the huge fireball that rose to a height of several tens of meters and the shock wave that dispersed almost in a radius of 700-800 meters, the bomb had enormous power, however, such weapons have been actively used for several weeks, allowing to hit with great success the most protected positions of the Ukrainian army.

So far it has not been possible to precisely determine the impact area through geolocation, however, according to sources, a 20-meter crater, about 7-8 meters deep, was formed at the site of the explosion.

Russian mercenaries are trying to encircle the Ukrainians

At the same time, units of the Russian mercenary company Wagner were spotted in the southwest of Bakhmut, where crucial battles are taking place for control of the bloodiest region of the war in Eastern Ukraine.

Despite local counterattacks launched by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it became known that Wagner units launched an intensive attack in the southwestern part of Bakhmut (Artemovsk for the Russians). This is proven by the relevant video cited by Russian sources but not independently located and taken by the Ukrainian military, Wagner PMC already controls part of the city up to Korsunsky Street, which has a direct connection to Krasnoe settlement, which is the only settlement on the outskirts of Bahamut which is not controlled by Russian formations.

In the event of a successful advance of Wagner's offensive character in a northerly direction, a group of up to 5 thousand Ukrainian troops, located in the eastern and central part of Bakhmut, may be completely encircled, which in turn will provide Russia with units with control over from 90% of the city's territory and finally the expulsion of Ukrainian troops from Bakhmut.

To this day, protracted battles are taking place on the territory of Bakhmut, which is mainly due to the fact that Ukraine actively uses artillery and tanks, from which they fire on most roads, not allowing them to be captured without significant losses.

Russian Black Sea fleet on alert

In addition, a naval attack group of the Russian Navy conducted a military exercise in the Black Sea. During the exercises, a ship attack group belonging to a simulated enemy was destroyed.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet, "consisting of the frigate Admiral Makarov of the Black Sea Fleet, the patrol boat Pytlivy, the small missile carriers Vyshny Volochek and Graivoron, the missile boats R-60 and Ivanovets, engaged a group of enemy ships that launched a large cruise missiles on a group of ships belonging to the Black Sea Fleet," according to a statement.

The exercise said the ships' air defense units "destroyed all enemy cruise missiles" with fire from anti-aircraft missiles and artillery systems.

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