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Did Erdogan send Turkish "volunteers" to fight against Ukraine? Netanyahu vs. Putin while the Russians are targeting Israel directly

The war in Ukraine is constantly "spreading" and turning into something very dangerous not only for Europe, but also for the Middle East and Central Asia.

Turkish volunteers in Zaporizhia against Ukrainians by Erdogan?

"Volunteers from Turkey began to undergo combat training in the Russian Sudoplatov battalion for further participation in Ukraine," reported a correspondent of the RIA Novosti news agency.


"I came from Turkey with my friends. We are against the Nazis, we know what is happening here and what is happening in Ukraine. We understand that Russia is not fighting against Ukraine, but against the Nazis who rule it," said one of the Turkish volunteers. with the Kuzon insignia.

The Turkish fighter said that he studied at a university in Moscow for several years, and there he learned Russian culture well and made many close friends.

Speaking about his combat experience, Kuzon explained that he has served in the Turkish army in his homeland, but did not participate in armed conflicts.

"Everyone knows that terrorists are supported by the United States, not Ukrainians or Syrians, but they support terrorists so that there is chaos everywhere. They make money from it and do the same thing here," he added, when asked how it relates to the conflict in Syria and Ukraine in general.

A volunteer from Turkey with the call sign Laz also pointed out the similarity of the situations in the Middle East and the post-Soviet republic. "Today we are against the imperialists and the Nazis. And Russia will win this war in any case," he said.

The Turkish volunteer added that now he and his compatriots are training and getting used to the new standards of the Russian army.

The West is fighting against Russia with the hands of Ukrainians, said the Turkish volunteer "Relations with fellow soldiers are very good. There was a very warm welcome."

According to him, all his relatives supported his decision to become a volunteer and many of his friends are ready to follow him.

This begs the question of what the Turkish authorities are doing knowing which Turkish citizen is going to Russia to enlist as a volunteer to fight the Ukrainians, while at the same time the Erdogan regime is selling weapons to Kyiv.

Netanyahu Warns Moscow About Iran Arms, Moscow Threatens Israel Not To Supply Weapons To Ukraine

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear that Russia's arms supply to Iran is not in Israel's interests. At the same time, the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry makes it clear that Moscow will consider the armaments delivered to Kyiv by foreign actors as "legitimate targets for the armed forces of Russia."

Russia warned Israel on Wednesday not to supply weapons to Ukraine after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was considering military aid for Kyiv and was willing to mediate the conflict.

"We are saying that all countries supplying weapons (to Ukraine) must understand that we will consider them (weapons) to be legitimate targets for the Russian armed forces," Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters.

Since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February last year, Israel has adopted a cautious stance towards Moscow, seeking to maintain neutrality by sending only humanitarian aid to the war-torn country.


Israel has particularly emphasized special ties with Moscow, as the Jewish state is home to more than a million citizens with roots in the former Soviet Union.

The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that the war in Ukraine will spread to Moldova, and from there to the Balkans, logically, and such a development would be very dangerous for the whole of Europe.

Washington and Berlin this month said they would supply Kyiv with modern tanks, but Ukraine is also asking its backers for fighter jets and long-range artillery.



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