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Colpo grosso is being prepared by Erdogan-He promotes the purchase of natural gas from Egypt and wants to provide systems for the Egyptian F-16

Furious, Erdoğan went to Egypt for his meeting with the Egyptian president AL Sisi, with a heavy agenda, which aims to partner with this country, in order to exclude Greece and Israel from their energy plans from the Eastern Mediterranean.


The attitude of the Egyptian president was polite, but according to information, there was a lot of suspicion, because of the attitude of the Turks for 12 years.

Al-Sisi, according to Egyptian media, said among other things: "I would also like to welcome the current calm in the Eastern Mediterranean region and we look forward to building on it by resolving the existing differences between the littoral states in the region so that we can all work together to achieve the maximum benefit from the natural resources available there", said El Sisi, showing exactly what he is seeking, since he knows that without calm in this region, not even their country will be able to mine in the places it wants.


Statement by Dr. Masud Yasin, member of the Security Committee of the Turkish Presidency

Dr. Masoud Yassin, a member of the Security Committee of the Turkish Presidency, expressed his hope for the completion of the road map between the Egyptian and Turkish sides, saying that "when we look at history, we find that the Turkish and Egyptian people have always been brothers and the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Cairo comes after years".

During his intervention on the Cairo News channel, he emphasized that "the vital discussions during the Egyptian-Turkish meeting include the issue of supporting Gaza against Israel, especially given that the visit is taking place at this time when the Middle East is witnessing tensions and wars, which threaten stability and security.

Strengthening economic relations and various partnerships are discussed at the summit. He pointed out that future issues of resource cooperation will be discussed at the summit, which will be greater between Egypt and Turkey, and will continue in this direction for the sake of further cooperation, and maybe Turkey will start buying natural gas from Egypt."

He pointed out that "Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and his Turkish counterpart will agree on these issues, and there will be a discussion about special aid and weapons that will be sent to Egypt, such as systems for the F-16 aircraft and others, creating a partnership from a military point of view".

Turkey's state energy company BOTAS announced Thursday that it had held talks with Egypt's state gas company EGAS on the sidelines of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to Cairo.

According to the BOTAS announcement, "the two companies agreed to strengthen cooperation. In this context, BOTAS and EGAS "held discussions on natural gas and LNG trading opportunities, cooperation on natural gas infrastructure and underground storage, exchange of technical information and experience".

"The aim is to support the energy security of our country and our region through the specific steps that will be taken in the next period by the parties on the issues discussed." the announcement is added.

What does the Turkish president seek with Egypt in the Eastern Mediterranean?

The Egyptian side is known to buy Turkish TB-2 drones, mostly to copy their technology, since it also manufactures similar UAVs, while Erdogan wants to TOYW make the Egyptians customers of the Turkish defense industry.

The Turkish president himself believes that through this military aristocracy, he will succeed in bringing Egypt close to him in issues in the Eastern Mediterranean, imposing the illegal "Blue Homeland", which of course neither the Egyptians nor the Israelis wish to see in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Egypt, however, has big plans with the transfer of electricity with a Greek company to Crete and the EU, while Greece's relations with Egypt have deep foundations, and are not in danger.

The main reason is that the Egyptians are not naive to believe the big words and promises of Sultan Erdogan, who seeks to put their country in the sphere of influence of the new Ottoman empire he is preparing, but which the Israelis and many others have in their sights for their own interests.

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