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Haftar turns to the Italians in search of support - Where is Greece and why does it not support the Libyan Marshal?

The head of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Marshal H. Haftar is in Rome, where he met with the Italian Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani. According to Italian media, the powerful man from Cyrenaica is in Rome for "contacts with the Italian authorities" and tomorrow morning he will also be received by the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni.

Haftar is looking for support, since Russia is at war and the Turks are "threshing" on the other side of the country. The Marshal himself, sees the impasse and moves to prevent situations in view of planned elections in the country, but also the presence of the USA, which wants control of the oil wells owned by Haftar.

The only country that has stood by his plans so far, unwaveringly, is Egypt, but it too has financial problems.

Our country previously had contacts with the Libyan Marshal, but at some point for inexplicable reasons, he backed down, sent Officials to the government of Tripoli which allegedly appeared as the legitimate government of the country, but then denied everyone, and because of Turkey we moved away, reaching well-known episode between Dendia and Mangous (Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs) .

The bottom line is that Debeiba stayed in the government illegally, he has no legalization from the country's presidential council, while he himself "claps" at the TEKNOFEST defense exhibition in Turkey in the presence of Erdogan and Aliyev.

Greece has committed a big mistake that it is not close to the Marshal, who is looking for support to save the country from the Turks, and the Jihadists who support them.

The Marshal, a former officer in the army of Colonel Gaddafi, although many tried to put him on the sidelines, he himself recovered and has now become the strong man of Cyrenaica.

Haftar is also very close to Egypt's positions led by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Meeting the Egyptian leader in Cairo, Italian Minister Tajani asked him to intervene with the Libyan Marshal to facilitate the final pacification of Libya and stop the flow of irregular migrants who are also fleeing the coast of Cyrenaica to Italy.

To break the political deadlock, UN envoy A. Bathili launched, on February 27, a plan to set up a new "High Level Commission" which should draw up the constitutional amendments and electoral laws needed for the conducting "free, inclusive and transparent" elections by 2023.

However, the new initiative presented by the UN envoy, which was received coldly in Tripoli and Benghazi, does not seem to be gaining momentum. There is currently partial stability in the country, based on a tacit agreement between two powerful families: Debaya and Haftar in power respectively in Tripoli (west) and Benghazi (east).

The Turkish-Libyan memorandum passes through Benghazi, according to the map that the Turks have issued since 2019, and for this we as Greece must be present in the Gulf of Sirte even with the dispatch of military forces, to train the army of Eastern Libya .

We remind you that Greek companies are already active in the region and they absolutely need the security of the Greek democracy, since the Turks are lurking next door.

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