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The Libyan Prime Minister raised a huge Turkish flag - Haftar is preparing for all eventualities

Residents of Tripoli, Libya are protesting the raising of the Turkish flag by the Dbeiba regime, which they call the Vichy government of Turkey in Libya.

Of course, it is not only Turkey that supports this dictatorship, for the looting of the public resources and assets of Libya.


Erdogan and recently the far-right Italian Prime Minister Meloni support the illegal regime of Tripoli, while Rome also signed an agreement of 8 billion dollars with Deiba.

It smells like a new civil war in Libya

The Head of the High Council of State (HCS) of Libya, Khaled Al-Mishri claimed that the Prime Minister of the Government of (GNU) Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba "is the last person in Libya who thinks about holding elections".

He added that, "Deiba does not have sufficient GNU management." He noted that "the presence of the prime minister is the main factor in the failure of holding elections in Libya."

Al Misri denounced "violence, decadence and the absence of the state" and called for an end to foreign interference.

In particular, the speaker of the Libyan parliament, Ageela Saleh, claimed that "external interference is the cause of political instability in the country."

In an interview with Al-Sharq TV on Saturday, Saleh added that "Parliament is the only legislative authority in the country that has the right to make decisions and enact laws, and that the HCS has only an advisory role."

He pointed out that "the constitutional document for the organization of the electoral process must be submitted to a popular referendum before it is approved."

He also adds that "the conflict of personal interests and external interventions led to the continuation of the transitional stages in the country and the interruption of the electoral process".

Saleh expressed his rejection of holding elections under the supervision of the Government of National Unity (GNU), led by Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba.

"Elections are the only solution to end the crises in Libya," he concluded. Earlier this month, Saleh said he "sees an amendment to the Constitutional Declaration as the constitutional basis on which the presidential and parliamentary elections will be held."

According to sources, meanwhile, in the occupied Libyan capital, this travesty captures the successful project of Turkey+Qatar to remove a tyrant in order to install their own tyrants.

Needless to say, this kind of colonial policy would not last a second in Haftar-run Benghazi.

Turks and Americans go to lay hands on Libyan oil fields, which are guarded by Russian mercenaries supported by the Russian Navy base in Tartous, Syria.

This is a huge plan to drive Wagner out of Benghazi from the USA to control the oil wells as was done in Syria and also in Iraq, lest we forget.

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