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New version: they upgraded again the T-72 tanks in Ukraine

T-72AMT is an improved version of the T-72A battle tank, that was revealed for the first time in 2017. Almost 50 units were sent to the Ukrainian Army, and 5 more were delivered in 2021.

The upgraded aspects of the new version include better protection, firepower, and engine. The tank features modern communication and targeting systems. However, the upgrade is still inferior to the Russian version T-82B3.


In protection, the battle tank features the Kontakt-1 and Nozh explosive reactive armors.

When it comes to armament, the battle tank features the initial 2A46 125mm gun that now can shoot the Ukrainian Kobat anti-tank guided missiles at a maximum distance of 4-5km.

The heavy machine gun on the roof has been replaced by a newer T-64BV machine gun instead. The new machine gun is operated inside the tank. There is an extra 7.62mm machine gun in the vehicle.

T-72AMT has night vision systems, navigation systems, rear cameras, and more.

Its engine is the diesel V-82-1, which develops 840hp.

The cost per unit of the T-72AMT reaches 1.2 million dollars.


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