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These are the 10 best battle tanks today! Which is in the top?

Today, main battle tanks have developed a lot compared to their original designs. From the British Centurion A41 of 1945 to the Leopard of the 21st century, the military industry of this field had made today's weapon look out of the planet. Let's see the 10 best of 2021!

10. T-90M

Today, the T-90M is the only Russian battle tank that is being produced in large numbers in the country. It may not be so advanced as its western competitors, but it uses proven technology and is economical. It's the most successful tank in terms of export sales.

Advantages: its small size makes it a hard target, cheap, it can launch anti-tank missiles like regular ammunition

Disadvantages: ammunition is stored in the tank's basic hull with the danger of exposition if incoming shells penetrate the armor, it can't attack long-range targets

9. Oplot-M 

Oplot-M is a Ukrainian version of the Soviet T-80UD. Due to limited funding, Ukrainian chose not to adopt the tank into its army. The only country that operates it is Thailand.

Advantages: explosive reactive armor, thermal vision, it can launch anti-tank missiles like regular ammunition

Disadvantages: ammunition is stored in the tank's basic hull with the danger of exposition if incoming shells penetrate the armor, it can't attack long-range targets

8. Leclerc 

The French vehicle started serving in 1992, and till then it has seen battle many times. Today, almost 400 serve for the French Army and 390 for the Arab United Emirates.

Advantages: precision, advanced armor, battlefield management system, agile, will be integrated into the SCORPION data and command system

Disadvantages: M1A2 Abram features better armor and British Challenger 2

7. Type 90

The Japanese battle tank was developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries with the help of German companies. Due to that, the vehicle has similarities with the German Leopard 2. When Type 90 entered service in 1992, it was the most expensive and advanced tank in history. The government of the country decided not to sell it.

Advantages: automatic reloading system, autonomous fire control system, hydropneumatic suspension that let it tilt 

Disadvantages: expensive cost per unit

6. Merkava Mk.4

The specific battle tank is the newer tank of the Israeli Army and successor of the Merkana Mk.3. The upgraded Merkava Mk.4 Meil Ruach is equipped with the proven active protection system Trophy, that can destroy incoming anti-tank missiles. 300 battle tanks have been produced and 300 have been ordered. The government of the country initially decided not to sell the vehicle, but in 2014 it changed its mind for a country-customer that is still unknown.

Advantages: engine in the front side to protect crew, advanced anti-missile system, strong fire control system pretty effective against helicopters that fly in low altitudes

Disadvantages: medium mobility due to its heavyweight

5. Armata 

Armata is a new battle tank of the Russian Armed Forces. In 2018, Russia ordered probably 60 units. Armata aims to eventually replace the old T-72, T-80, T-90. The revolutionary design of the specific weapon has caused many concerns in the West because of its lethal characteristics.

Advantages: basic steel armor, Malakhit explosive reactive armor, survival system against anti-tank missiles, the first tank with an unmanned turret, it can launch anti-tank missiles like regular ammunition, automatic reloading system

Disadvantages: new, yet unproven design

4. Challenger 2

The British battle tank is fully capable and effective. It features for sure one of the best armors possible. The United Kingdom has 390 tanks and Oman owns almost 30 tanks.

Advantages: record for the longest tank destruction, mechanically reliable

Disadvantages: less capable engine makes it slower compared to its Western competitors


3. M1A2 SEP

M1A2 SEP is the successor of the M1A2 Abram, and it is one of the most feared tanks in the world. Even if they have joined many battles, only a few have officially been destroyed. At least 900s serve the US Army and will probably stay operational until 2050.

Advantages: excellent armor against any known anti-tank weapons, armor with depleted uranium, can be equipped with the Tank Urban Survival Kit

Disadvantages: requires extended maintenance and support, it's not fuel-effective

2. K2 Black Panther

The South Korea battle tank has no competition in North Korea and China. Today, it's the most expensive battle tank ever produced.

Advantages: reactive armor, active protection system, advanced fire control system that launch missiles automatic against targets like helicopters, it uses strong ammunition, the powerful engine makes it agile

Disadvantages: expensive cost per unit

1. Leopard 2A7

The newer version of the capable Leopard 2, Leopard 2A7 is the most powerful battle tank in history. In multinational exercises, the tank has performed better than the M1A2 SEP, the British Challenger 2, and the French Leclerc. Germany has already upgraded 20 Leopards in the 2A7 version and aims to upgrade 50 or 150 more. Qatar has ordered 62 of these tanks while Saudi Arabia has requested 200.

Advantages: powerful weapons, high-tech fire control system, mobility, modern avionics

Disadvantages: high weight




Type 90
Merkava Mk.4
Challenger 2
K2 Black Panther
Leopard 2A7
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