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The response of the Ministry of National Defense is not convincing about the Stinger air defense missiles we sent to Ukraine - We are compensated with funds from the EU

In December 2023, it became known that Greece had secretly sent Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, which are highly valuable for the anti-aircraft defense of our islands and other regions, to Kiev, causing a wave of anger at the move that is stripping the country of its military hardware.

The revelation was made by the Ukrainian side itself with the following announcement:

“Today, we are introducing the FIM-92 Stinger man-portable air defense system. Many of our sponsors have provided Stingers to the Ukrainian Army, including the Netherlands, Germany, USA, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Denmark and Greece.


We express our gratitude for the support provided to us by these countries since the beginning of the invasion," the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said.

Under the skill of our fighters, the Stingers effectively shot down Russian helicopters, planes and missiles," concludes the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

To an independent member of parliament's question on this matter, did the Ministry of National Defense answer the following?

In response to the relevant Question, I know the following:

"The utilization of military equipment, which is characterized either as operationally unnecessary or usable or surplus, is governed by the provisions of n.d.721/1970 (Α΄251) and n.3978/2011 (Α΄137).

In any case, it is a necessary and sufficient condition that the provision of military equipment does not affect the overall operational readiness.

In addition, it should be emphasized that the available military equipment is reimbursed by the financial instruments of the EU, as stipulated by EU Council Decision No. 338/2022 of February 28, 2022, while the relevant appropriations are entered in the budget of of the relevant General Staff for the financing of new equipment programs".

Evaluation of the announcement of the Ministry of National Defense

Clearly, not only does this announcement by the Ministry of Defense not convince anyone, but it probably infuriates even more, since as we have mentioned, the Stinger portable anti-aircraft missiles are extremely necessary for the Greek Armed Forces, and are "front line" material.

What is even more infuriating is that the Ukrainians, to "thank" us for the brave military assistance we provided them, gave engines to the Turkish UCAV AKINCI which are considered a strategic weapon of Turkey, with a maximum flight limit of 37,000, so that the regime could threaten us better Erdogan in our islands, in which the Stinger missiles, would be a solution to the Turkish drones.

The STINGER is a portable air defence weapon (MANPAD) of American and European construction. It is designed to engage aircraft or helicopters flying at low and very low altitudes. The system engages targets via IR All Aspect Seeker, and achieves their destruction by impacting them.

What is even more dangerous is that this mistake, magnified even further, is the unconfirmed information about sending Greek S-300PMU-1s to Ukraine without receiving PATRIOT in return.


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