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We will be ready by Summer - The third ROMEO helicopter is coming along with Sea Hake Mod4 torpedoes for Type-214 submarines

In a few months we will see the KIMON Frigate (soon to be on sea trials), in the Aegean, angering the Turks who are planning 8 TF-2000 class destroyers.

The Turks are apparently preparing a new generation of destroyers with its own weapons systems, such as a new propulsion system and electronics, to bring down costs for the Turkish Navy.

The Greek Navy is being equipped and becoming powerful

According to the Greek press, we will receive the first Sea Hake Mod4 heavy-duty combat torpedoes for the Navy's submarines, probably in April.The acquisition of the 44 German Sea Hake Mod4 heavy-duty torpedoes was a threatened decision for a long time, there were simply not enough funds while priority was given to other programs.

These are German-made torpedoes, a new model compared to the Turkish torpedoes currently equipping Turkish submarines.

The new German heavy-duty torpedoes will be delivered to our submarine fleet as soon as possible, despite the timetables mentioned in the Greek press, since they are the main weapon system specifically for our Type-214 submarines.

The program now has the creation of a special force of Greek strike submarines, especially for the new achievements of the Turkish fleet such as the ADA class Corvettes, and the ISTIF class Frigates, with the first "Constantinople" being in the construction phase.

The Third ROMEO helicopter is coming

According to the Greek press and videos came in the afternoon of last Saturday, the ferocious American transport C-17 Globemaster landed in Elefsina at the 112th Battle Wing, carrying the first two MH-60R anti-submarine helicopters of the Navy.

They are assembled by Greek technicians in cooperation with American specialists from the manufacturer.

Information says that the third Romeo will arrive in our country in a few days.

We are talking about Greek Navy helicopters with serial numbers PN75, PN76 and PN77 which were purchased through an interstate agreement with the US.

The Greek press reported that the Greek government succeeded in committing three helicopters that were already on the production line in the US.

The presence of these helicopters is a major boost to the Greek Navy, which will carry out all the necessary tests in the coming period to make them fully operational.

The Navy's MH-60Rs will join the 11 existing S-70B/B6 Seahawk helicopters at the Naval Helicopter Base in Kotroni.

These particular Romeo helicopters are considered "combat multitools" and will replace some of the aging AB-212s. They have advanced technological systems, specialize in anti-submarine warfare, have capabilities against surface targets, and can perform secondary missions such as search and rescue, logistics, transport and evacuation of personnel.

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