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A European naval mission is being prepared in the Red Sea - Will we send Greek Navy ships?

We have exciting developments in the Red Sea, on the part of the EU, which is talking about the practical part of a European Union naval military mission for freedom of navigation, because of the Houthi attacks.

EU Foreign Ministers, as part of the Foreign Affairs Council meeting, are meeting today on this issue, which is literally burning.

According to information from the Cyprus News Agency, "and a top EU official," although no final announcements are expected on Monday, the green light has been given by the 27, and discussions are currently underway at a technical level on the details regarding the mission," the Cyprus News Agency reports.

The EU is completely differentiating itself from the US-UK and is preparing a Brussels-led naval mission.

The aim, according to sources in the EU is, "to escort and protect merchant vessels passing through the Red Sea, with pan-armed Union warships given a free hand to launch missiles against Yemen and the Houthis.

The EU mission will be independent of the US mission, with some European countries participating in the new mission.

France, Germany, Italy, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium are reportedly preparing to join.

What is surprising is why EU countries are differentiating their position and creating an independent naval mission for the first time from the US?

As a move it is positive, since Europe must wean itself from the Americans, having the power, weapons and personnel for such an undertaking.

But what does our country intend to do, since it is already between the US and the EU?

It is understandable the huge role that our Navy personnel will be called upon to play, perhaps in the world's hottest region, the Red Sea.

A wave of resignations in the Navy causing a storm in the Armed Forces

For this reason it becomes imperative to recall the letter from the Attica Islands Military Association of the Military, revealing evidence that raises huge questions about resignations and dismissals in 2023 in our Navy.

We are talking about 179 experienced and trained officers who left last year, at a time when the situation in the labour market is not good at all.

We are talking about a total number of resignations in the Navy for the year 2023, where the situation is beyond nightmarish: one hundred and seventy-nine (179) officers of all origins, ranks and years of service (i.e. a full Frigate crew) chose to leave in order to disengage from the toxic work environment of the Navy, since, apparently, they felt that this was the only realistic solution left to them.

It is the personnel who will be called upon to face any danger in the Red Sea and therefore they must be calm and orderly in every respect.


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