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Serious threat in the Aegean for Turkey: Greek Gunboats will become missile launchers with Spike NLOS systems

The recently announced reinforcement of our Navy, which will acquire eight Spike NLOS systems, which will be installed on Greek gunboats, will turn them into missile launchers and a major threat to the coast of Asia Minor and the Turkish forces there.

In combination with the long attack distance which exceeds 25 km and according to sources from Israel it even reaches 32 km, our gunboats will extend the range of their hits in a circle, in all directions, creating another trouble for the Turkish Navy, and the coastal landing forces in Phocaea, Smyrna.

The SPIKE NLOS is the long-range version of the SPIKE family and is a "Fire And Forget" missile that "locks" the target and constantly corrects its course. The name NLOS (Non Line Of Sign) demonstrates the operator's ability to fire even from a protected position without even requiring visual contact with the target. And this is one of its great advantages.

Turkey revealed to us its plans for the creation of an equipped fleet of unmanned vessels in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean against surface units.

The Turkish plan is a direct threat to the Greek Navy's main fleet, since dozens of these unmanned vessels will threaten our very expensive ships, without the human cost problem during operations.

We remind you that the deliveries of the Turkish Armored Amphibious Assault Vehicle (ZAHA) to the Marine Brigade in Fokaia (Izmir) with the most modern amphibious vehicles have also begun, with the mission of course being the Greek islands of the Eastern Aegean.

For this reason, as a response, our country buys Israeli missiles, which are the antidote to any hostile scenario against the Greek Navy.

The Spike NLOS missiles are not only for the Army and Apache-type army aviation helicopters, but also for the Navy since 4 gunboats and 4 unorthodox warships will be equipped with them, thus turning into extremely dangerous naval platforms capable of delivering devastating blows to the opponent.

Specifically, the Navy will install on the FIGHTER-class vessels (HSY56A) a Typhoon MLS-NLOS system on the RHIB deck, with eight (8) long-range SPIKE (Non-Line of Sight) missiles each, for sea-to-shore fire support or targeting from sea to sea.

The elections in Turkey will be over and Erdogan will be in power, and that should worry us much more. The reason is that all this production of weapons systems, especially unmanned ones on land, air, sea and under it, is destined for the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

The more prepared we are, the better we will be able to face the danger called Turkish expansionism and threat, which has now taken the form of a "friendly attitude", for specific reasons related to the difficult situation that the neighboring country is experiencing from an economic point of view.


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