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What are they up to? Conference of "Macedonians" and Turks of the Western Thrace caused outrage while we are discovering automatic rifles in Kypseli and Kakavia

Skopje and Turkish circles held a conference in Thessaloniki aimed at irredentist plans against Greece and nothing else.

"Conference today in Thessaloniki of pro-Scottish "pseudo-Macedonians", alleged "Turks of Western Thrace", says a post on a social network with a photo of the poster of this conference.

This is not a random date and location, especially for the Skopjeans, since on October 23, 1893, the Internal Revolutionary Organization of Macedonia (VMORO) was founded in Thessaloniki, which later became the so-called "pseudo-Macedonian national movement" with the goal to this day of winning the autonomy of Greek Macedonia through revolutionary struggle.

"On October 23, 1893, the Macedonian Revolutionary Organization was founded in Thessaloniki. In the house of bookseller Ivan Nikolov in Thessaloniki, six activists Kristo Tatarchev, Dame Gruev, Petar Arsov and others laid the foundations of the Organization.

Then a conspiratorial group was formed, which they call the Macedonian Revolutionary Committee. This day, October 23, has been celebrated since 2007 as the Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle," a scopian media outlet in Skopje reported.

How easily pro-Skopians and 'Turks' of Western Thrace work together against Greece is a wonder. What is certain is that nothing positive for our country was discussed at the conference, and it would be more likely that we will soon see new unhistorical demands for minorities within Greece in cooperation between the two sides.

Danger from the discovery of automatic rifles in Kypseli-Kakavia

What is also worrying is the discovery of automatic rifles circulating within Greek territory by people of dubious quality and mainly of dubious intentions.

Officers of the European security agency Frontex discovered 3 Kalashnikov automatic rifles, 4 magazines, a pistol and 1000 bullets hidden in a car trying to enter Greece from Albania.

Also the day before yesterday, the Greek police discovered Kalashnikov rifles and dozens of bullets in the possession of a woman during a check by police officers on Saturday afternoon in Patisia. A Pakistani man was found and arrested with her.


The Greek Police is on heightened alert due to the situation in the Middle East and the fear of Islamist attacks in Greece.

As is evident from a series of documents drawn up in the last 24 hours and marked "Confidential" and "Urgent", a plan has been drawn up for 150 places where there is fear of attacks.

According to analyses and recordings by the security authorities, among the places considered targets of possible raids by "unseen" Islamic fanatics are the Greek Parliament and the premises of Western diplomatic missions, the Holy Rock of the Acropolis, the nearby Museum, as well as green spaces and recreational areas such as the National Garden, the Ares Field and other busy parks in the wider area of the capital.

The same list includes Zappeio, shopping malls in Maroussi, Agios Dimitrios and elsewhere, the 67 stations of the metro and train network, the bus stations of Liosia and Kifissos, military and police facilities.

Indicative of the mobilisation of the Greek authorities, however, are reports of checks on social networking sites to identify posts containing hate speech.

Another police document also calls for increased surveillance around military installations.

Who would attempt to deliberately cause chaos on Greek territory?

We think this needs no answer because all those who would benefit from such a situation in our country are known for years in Greek society.

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