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In Turkey they think we are copying them by establishing an Anti-Disinformation Centre

In Turkey, they believe that Greece is copying them by establishing an Anti-Disinformation Centre. It is noteworthy that Turkish media report that Greece will create a platform similar to the Anti-Disinformation Centre, inspired by the success of the "Turkish Communication Model" with which the Communication Directorate of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey is taking actions at the international level.

Misinformation creates a problem not only in domestic politics but also in foreign policy is noted in an article published in Kathimerini, the Turks said.

One can strike a country with the weapon of disinformation instead of traditional weapons, the article noted, which said the government plans to create a special platform to counter disinformation.

The platform, which the Foreign Ministry plans to create in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Governance, is expected to use artificial intelligence.

The Greek media had earlier expressed the need for a platform similar to the Anti-Disinformation Centre of the Communication Directorate of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey's Communication Department, TRT points out.

Last month, the Anti-Disinformation Center of the Communication Directorate of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey revealed that ANT1's claim that "the Turkish Coast Guard threatened Greek fishermen in Imia" does not reflect the truth. ANT1 corrected the news after the reactions and admitted that the video was taken three years ago, TRT reports.

The director of communications of the Presidency of the Republic, Fakhretin Altoun, had said in a social media post that this misinformation in the Greek media was eliminated by the Center for Combating Misinformation.

"We continue with determination in our struggle for truth, not only for our country but for all humanity," Altoun had written.

All this is being said in Turkey, the country which, in order to 'create' the world around it at will, has gone on to create entire fiction television series. As we have already reported from the Pentapostagma, especially the use of television and even more especially of television fiction in order to excite and animate the domestic audience and to project soft power abroad through references to a "glorious" (however much we may not like it from the Greek point of view) past, has become a great tool for Turkey.

In this context, series such as Suleiman the Magnificent, which we saw even here in Greece, have given the image of a rising power, an empire, to countries that are either against Turkey's goals or on its side.

On the same axis in the neighboring country, the production of "easy-to-digest" series with historical references continues. Turkey's state broadcaster TRT has prepared a series dedicated to Muhammad the Conqueror. The first screening was attended by Erdogan's communications director, signaling in this way the importance of this particular TV series and series like this for the Turkish presidency.

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