Greek-Turkish Relations
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Turkey ignored the Greek Verbal Communication, took off the KAAN and closed the area between Mykonos and Chios

"Your signals are unclear", we could say using the well-known phrase from the Army's transmissions, that Turkey said in the Rhematic Communication of Athens about NAVTEX and NOTAM and came back today again raising the issue of demilitarization of all the islands from Thassos to Kastelorizo ​​and sequestering the central Aegean with illegal NAVTEX for an aeronautical exercise on February 23 and 24 in an attempt to unnerve Athens.


At the moment when the Turkish Anadolu Agency was publishing a video of the maiden flight of the domestically built and to some extent designed Turkish fighter KAAN, which the Turkish defense industry claims is stealth and belongs to the 5th generation, with the British BAE as a subcontractor Systems.

KAAN flew, according to secure information from Turkey, with American GE F110 engines. F-16 engines that Turkey already has. According to the same source a certain number of KAANs will continue to fly F110s. The rest will fly in the near future with a domestically built engine that is being developed and if all goes well, it will be ready in two years.


As claimed by the Turks, the KAAN is, or is hoped to be, a family of the F-35 and F-22 which are quite similar in appearance.

The Minister of National Defense Nikos Dendias referred to the danger posed by the Turkish armaments while speaking to the Standing Committee on National Defense and Foreign Affairs of the Parliament on Tuesday night saying characteristically: "You also understand the danger that the Turkish armaments pose to our homeland. And you yourself referred earlier to the construction of a second, more advanced, Turkish helicopter carrier. And the big question one would ask is why this ship is being built. Just to parade inside the Bosphorus or Turkey claims full supremacy and control of the eastern Mediterranean on the basis of texts it has signed, such as the Turkish-Libyan memorandum which is non-existent but Turkey continues and invokes it even if it it is the Turkish perception, as indicated by positions which Turkey has not changed. Previously reviewed by some colleagues for Navtex. Turkey has lowered its tone. It has largely stopped its violations. But it hasn't changed the basic positions even aerially. And he continues a program of shipbuilding. What conclusion should we, being on the other side of the Aegean, draw from this tactic? And when indeed in one of the last Navtex it combines sovereignty with navigation, something that had not been done in the past"

Nikos Dendias also emphasized that Turkey may have lowered its tone and stopped the violations, but it has not changed its positions even in the slightest.


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