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Lukashenko is warning that World War III will break out! "We are on a cliff edge"

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said Tuesday, during a meeting with top national security officials, that concerns about the possible outbreak of World War III are justified because military force has become the main tool of communication between major powers. , as reported by the Russian state agency TASS. Lukashenko claims that the outbreak of World War III is likely to break out because military force has become the main tool of communication between the great powers.

With the risk of a generalized conflict as the war in Ukraine and the conflict in the Gaza Strip unfold simultaneously along with the escalation in the Middle East intensifying, the fear and concern about the outbreak of a Third World War is growing. War.

"The world has again reached the brink," he said during a meeting with senior officials in the country's capital, Minsk. "We must prepare as much as possible to neutralize the risks and threats"


“Military power has once again become the main argument put forward by the world's decision-making centers. As if millions of human lives had never been lost in the atrocities of the First and Second World Wars," he said, according to the BelTA news agency, during a meeting with top national security officials. "Now we were literally enveloped by a wave of information about the outbreak of a Third World War, about which everyone is now talking openly. That is why there are reasonable reasons for such concerns," the Belarusian president emphasized.

Lukashenko noted that tens of thousands of NATO troops and hundreds of units of military equipment, planes and helicopters have been deployed near the border between Russia and Belarus. "In the immediate vicinity of Belarus and Russia are stationed approximately 32,000 soldiers from the combined NATO and US armed forces, as part of the alliance's operations in Europe. These are more than 1,000 armored units, about 160 artillery and mortar systems, 235 planes and helicopters," the Telegram channel Pul Pervogo, close to the press service of the Belarusian president, reported.

NATO is currently conducting its largest military exercise in Europe since the 1990s, dubbed Operation Steadfast Defender, which will last several months and involve around 90,000 troops.

"Washington and its allies will continue to expand NATO. The situation is more than favorable for them. Almost all European leaders have turned into servants of the USA, whose policy and interests undoubtedly dominate the territories of the European Union," concluded Lukashenko.

Referring to the drills, Lukashenko said Minsk's intelligence services were "keeping their finger on the trigger", claiming that around 32,000 troops from NATO members had been deployed "in the immediate neighborhood of Belarus and Russia".

"I would like to characterize the current phase of the cultural confrontation between East and West as follows: 'The masks have completely fallen,'" Lukashenko said.

"We have to recognize how serious the situation is," he continued. Two new divisions of S-400 anti-aircraft systems are now in service with the country's military, the Belarusian president said, referring to the mobile, surface-to-air missile systems considered roughly equivalent to the US Patriot air defense systems. He also added that two other divisions are equipped with Iskander-M missile systems.



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