F-35 και Ερντογάν
Greek-Turkish Relations
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The Turks are horrified by the Greek acquisition of F-35-Turkish media: "It's unfair, Greece has the western support"

Understandably, the Pentagon's approval of the sale of 40 fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets to Greece and the approval of the sale and upgrade of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey have sparked a series of military comparisons between Athens and Ankara.

"Although Turkey's defense capabilities are stronger in every field, we must not forget that the West is behind Greece," a Turkish page reported a while ago, confirming that Ankara was "hurt" when hearing the news about the Greek F- 35.


Greece-Turkey Military Comparison: What The Turkish Side Said?

The Turkish page in question said that a military comparison between the Greek and Turkish armed forces is not fair because Greece has "western support" . For example, he emphasized that in addition to the F-35s, Athens' arsenal includes "aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and unlimited ammunition". Of course, they were referring to the weapons of other countries, such as the United States and France, that is, countries with which we have close defense cooperation and conduct joint operations in the Aegean and the eastern Mediterranean.

Essentially, what the Turkish page wants to say is that Ankara is afraid of the powerful F-35 fighter jets that the Greek air force will acquire, but it is even more afraid of the power of the West, since it knows that this power will prevent any Greek-Turkish conflict.

Many analysts recognize that if we were not under the auspices of NATO, Turkey would have made a move many years ago. However, certainly the strengthening of the Greek armed forces multiplies the deterrent means of our country.

Although he hesitated to say it clearly, the Turkish side and all of Turkey know that the F-35 low-observability fighters are a whole level above the 4th generation F-16 fighters.


"Many experts emphasized the fact that the American decision (for F-35s and F-16s in Greece and Turkey respectively) is not balanced and as a result will give Athens air superiority in the Aegean," wrote the Turkish page, adding that the Turkish armed forces will try to balance the Greek advantage in the air with unmanned aerial vehicles, long-range missiles, air defense systems and other domestic military capabilities.

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