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Someone is not telling the Truth - The Turkish Naval Commander is indirectly warning of casious belli in case of a warship entering the "Blue Homeland"

On December 7, 2023, Turkish President Erdogan will come to Athens to discuss the positive agenda of the two countries.

At the same time, however, Erdogan's subordinate, who takes orders directly from his Sarai, Turkish Naval Commander Ertsumed Tatlioglou, refers to a given and established view (unknown how) of the existence of the illegal "Blue Homeland", which was threatened not only by the Greek Navy, but also by foreign warships.

We do not know exactly what the positive Erdogan-Mitsotakis agenda is, which we will rightly discuss, but someone should tell the Ottoman-Turkish president that there is no "Blue Homeland", which is supposedly threatened by foreign and dark forces, except in his imagination.


Turkish Naval Chief of Staff: 'We are on the brink of war-35 foreign warships tried to enter the Blue Homeland'

The Commander of the Turkish Navy, Admiral Ertsumed Tatlioğlu, said: "We are on the brink of war," explaining that 35 foreign ships trying to enter the Blue Homeland were blocked by the Naval Forces in recent years.

He continued: "We have made obstacles that have brought us to the brink of war. "We are on the brink of war since in 2023 about 35 foreign warships tried to enter the Blue Homeland area."

"Attempts to attack foreign warships in Turkey's 'Blue Homeland' area were prevented by the Turkish Naval Forces from entering the area by taking necessary precautions," the Turkish Navy Commander said.

Once again it has been revealed that the Turkish Armed Forces have their own hawk in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Admiral Tatlioğlu went on to say: "We are on the brink of war. There will be no more imported weapons on the new warships of the Turkish Navy. Turkey can produce all guided missiles, air defense missiles, artillery and similar systems used on ships, showing the point to which the Turkish defense industry has reached."

Turkey seeks with the Greek-Turkish friendship to put the "Blue Homeland" on us without bloodshed

What right does the Turkish Admiral have to threaten the Greek, American, French and Greek Navy in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean today and tomorrow in a direct and indirect way?

What exactly are we going to discuss when the Turks are trying to confuse  us on our non-existent "Blue Homeland"?

Obviously they are not afraid of the power of the Greek Navy, but this is certainly for our own good.

This is the same arch admiral who recently spoke of the demilitarization of the Greek islands, questioned the sovereignty of Greek islands and stated his annoyance at Greece's arms programs and the presence of the US, NATO allies, in the region.

"The period when the Ottoman Empire was strongest was when its shipping was strongest. As the Ottoman Empire reduced the importance it placed on the sea and sailors, territorial losses began. Because the navy was weak, our islands in the Aegean were conquered by Greece without firing a single bullet," the Turkish A/GN had said, forgetting of course that the Greek navy was dominant even in the 1821 era, spreading fear and terror.

The focus for Ankara has been on unmanned aerial and maritime vehicles and especially the Turkish Navy, which is preparing to ban any warship passage until the 25th meridian in the Aegean and part of the Eastern Mediterranean, but it is good to know in Ankara that the Greek Navy after the receipt of the first FDI frigate will become their nightmare everywhere in the Greek Aegean Archipelago.


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